In which we try to kill ourselves in one day

I’m taking the boys to meet up with my sister-in-law and her two sons in Oklahoma City to go to the zoo and wander in the 97 degree heat and look for animals that will be smarter than we are because they will have taken shelter while we stand outside and bake and say over and over again, “Aren’t we having fun, kids?”

If we survive our morning, we’re then going to the giant house of pizza and arcade games where the kids will free range and the moms will collapse set up shop at a corner booth and pass out quarters until we’re broke.  After that we’ll head over to the National Cowboy Museum because it’s indoors and cool  educational and we’ll try not to get kicked out of the museum gift shop.

Fortunately, this one shouldn’t have wind chimes.

After we’re finished there, we’re stopping by the airport to pick up reinforcements Mr. CPQ who is joining our traveling three-ring circus and I could not be happier and I have already rehearsed my “Welcome to Oklahoma” speech when I see him exit the airport doors.

It’s going to be somewhere along the lines of “Tag!  You’re it!”

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “In which we try to kill ourselves in one day

  1. holy cow, I didn’t realize you’d driven all the way there without Mr CPQ!!!!

  2. the fun never ends!! that is the sign that hangs in my house. i think you should get one to put on your car!!! sounds fun. wish i could join you!

  3. I wish my Kiddo wasn’t gone with his MaMa to Texas this week! We could have met you at said giant house of pizza…we are literally MINUTES from the one I imagine you would be at! 😦 Maybe next time you all come to OK we can get together, though. My son would LOVE to hang out with some more BOYS…that’s a rare treat for him. 🙂 Have a great day…and then rest, ’cause it wore me out just reading it! 😉

  4. That zoo is AMAZING. You guys will have a ball if you don’t melt first. : ) Have fun!

  5. I’m scared for you.

  6. I’m with Amber.

    But on a postitive note, we enjoyed the OKC zoo. its quite large though. So at least you’ll get your work out for the week.

  7. When our kids were younger we would go to the Columbia, SC zoo every summer & as a result, they hate zoos! I have always loved the zoo, but I could empathize with them. C. used to ask if the animals were really alive because they wouldn’t move. I don’t think he ever believed me that they were alive. But they sure were ready for shopping afterwards because we went to the air conditioned mall!

  8. Well at least Mr. CPQ is showing up! He could have easily made the ” something came up that I need to take care of ” excuse. He’s a good man. 🙂

  9. So glad to know others who correctly use the term “Tag ,you’re it!”

  10. Sounds like you’re having a nice time…glad your hubs is arriving to share in the ‘fun’. Safe travels!

  11. Ohh, I enjoyed catching up today. We have been traveling just a bit ourselves. The nation’s capital will never be the same. We also had a visit to the zoo while on our trip and I sweated in places I didn’t know I could sweat! I wish I had a video of our favorite sight. A man was shouting into a megaphone about Jesus and the sound affects were hilarious. After saying Jesus, he would say JE JE JE JE, SUS SUS SUS SUS in an echo. Chinatown is the most interesting part of DC!
    Sounds like your family is having yet another trip of a lifetime! Loving the blog.

    • Whoa! Where’s the grammar police when you need them. I am just too tired to care. Corrections are Nation’s Capitol and sound effects. Good night.

  12. Ooooooklahoma…yeow!!

    Sing it loud CPQ!!

  13. NC Zoo conversation:

    Big Sister: Is that an elephant over there??
    Me: (as I excitedly scan the faux African horizon) I think so!!!
    Mom: Actually, that’s just a big boulder

    Repeated about 7 times, each with a different safari animal.

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