Santa Fe

We’re in Santa Fe this morning and I made a beeline for the Plaza Bakery. When I worked at the Glorieta Conference Center twenty years ago, it was one of my favorite places to go for ice cream and pastries. It was also the place where I ran into Arnold Schwartzenegger (no spell check – I’m typing on my phone) with Maria Shriver and Danny Devito. They were in town filming Twins and it was their off day and they were eating ice cream and wandering art galleries. (I guess if you have a bajillion dollars they’ll let you walk into fine art establishments.)

There won’t be any art galleries on our tour this morning (I’m still smarting from our last trip) but we’ll still get plenty of culture, even if it comes in the form of a green chile and cheese croissant.

Have a nice day.


5 responses to “Santa Fe

  1. Did you pack your fireproof undies?

  2. I’m jealous…I love NM. My mom grew up in Albuquerque and I spent lots of childhood summers visiting grandparents there. We always made trips to Sante Fe and I still have some turquoise jewelry bought there.

    I’m seriously craving some Mexican food right now.

  3. Green chile and cheese croissant sounds delicious! I’m enjoying your travel adventures vicariously!

  4. You do the coolest things 🙂 And green chile and cheese croissant? jealous.

  5. We were at Glorieta every summer. I always wanted to work in the day camp. But they only wanted me for housekeeping. What the heck??? They didn’t even know I was half Mexican!!!

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