Tuesday Travels

We spent Monday morning touring the Palace of the Governors and the fascinating New Mexico History Museum learning about the 400 year history of Santa Fe which was approximately 399 years too many for the boys and when I say “boys” I may or may not be including the biggest one as well.

We then went to the St. Francis Basilica and because it was the first time my Baptist children had been in a Catholic house of worship we had to take a few extra minutes to explain that the water in the basin was not for splashing nor did it contain goldfish and those things in the pews were called kneelers and no, we couldn’t blow out the lighted candles at the front of the sanctuary. Once these basics were covered, they did a great job of maintaining reverence and we had some great discussion about different ways people worship.

By this time it was almost 1:00 and Mr. CPQ was about to keel over from hunger so we went to Backroad Pizza which is a local place that had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and we had a ginormously large delicious pizza that you’ll have to wait and see pictures of later because I’m typing on my phone and I can only attach one picture.

(I wanted to attach several pictures of the crime scene we stumbled upon at the trading post on the Turquoise Trail but those will have to wait until I get back home. And it wasn’t a major crime but the boys were excited nonetheless and forever more they will remember this vacation as the one where the sheriff showed up.)

The day ended with a swim where everyone’s feet turned blue from a fresh paint job on the bottom of the pool and an interesting al fresco dining experience at the Church Street Cafe in Old Town Albuquerque where the waiter tripped and spilled an entire pitcher of Diet Coke all over the surface of our table only to turn around ten minutes later and drop his tray sending my combination plate sailing through the air and breaking spectacularly on the stone floor.

Tomorrow we’ll pull up stakes and drive through forest fires in Flagstaff and make our way towards the Grand Canyon where the boys will get to ride a train for the first time and I’ll get to practice saying, “Don’t get near the edge!” for the jillionth.

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “Tuesday Travels

  1. That pic looks like it could be a recreation of your first date.

  2. Just heard about the fires up in Flagstaff yesterday. I heard the road to the canyon is even closed. I hope you are able to get there. If you’re taking the train from Williams to the canyon, you’ll love it! That’s definitely the best way to get there. The train ride is just the right length and a lot of fun.

    However, I must confess that when I rode the train it was not with “the boys” you are traveling with. I was with my best girlfriend and we were in the luxury, adult-only car where they serve a complimentary champagne toast on the way back to Williams. So my impressions of that train ride may be slightly different than yours!

    I’m loving your vacation stories! When you drive through Arizona, be sure to wave to the south and yell hello to me. I’ll be listening for you!

  3. Hey-I just mentioned Diners Drive-Ins and Drives in my post on Monday. Great minds I’m telling you!

  4. Love the picture. Y’all have fun.

  5. Boy excitement follows you around now doesn’t it?? Palace of the Governors, sheriffs and clumsy waiters…and tomorrow forest fires and trains?? Your life must be a laugh a minute 🙂

  6. Love the picture! Sounds like the poor dude that was your waiter is in the wrong line of work!
    We’re headed soon to the Keys, & I’ve been wondering if there were any places featured on DD&D’s down there. I need to know where to go to find the BEST key lime pie!!
    Safe travels!

  7. Chuckling as usual reading your blog…
    Missing you too!

  8. You all have the most interesting vacations. Living vicariously over here as I make 70 pounds of olallieberries into jam 😉

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