Trying to walk towards the light

We got home yesterday around 5:00 after surviving three speed-ticketing events (thank you, lead cars, for taking one for those of us on the chase team), a failed detour to Snappy Lunch in Mt. Airy for a pork chop sandwich (they closed early because “Sorry, hon. We don’t got no buns”), and a bomb scare that shut down the interstate mere seconds after I drove by.  I managed to hold it together until Mr. CPQ came home and fixed supper and then I fell asleep at the table, waking up long enough to go crawl in bed where I promptly went back to sleep again.

Stick a fork in me.

I was DONE.

Today’s been a foggy haze of laundry, going through mail, and reminding the children not to eat anything in the refrigerator until I get in there and decide what’s expired.  Tomorrow will be the grocery store and library to return the piles of books we took with us so the kids would have something to read in the car and they didn’t touch.

Speaking of cars, mine REEKS so I’ll also stop by AutoBell to have them vacuum it out.  I’m going to spring for the extra $1.50 freshening spritzer because anything is better than the L’Air du Stench it’s currently sporting after having been driven for three weeks with 5 people in it.

June 12, 2010, in Raleigh

June 13, 2010 in Arkansas

The Thousand Mile Reward

Mile 3,000 Las Vegas

Somewhere in Indiana, June 29, 2010.

Pulling into my driveway 17 states later on June 30, 2010

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Trying to walk towards the light

  1. I never know whether to congratulate you or counsel you after these trips. I’m just glad you’re home. Like I told you, when I saw your little cartoon balloon IM this AM, my new little office felt like home for the first time.

  2. I have no words. Well actually, I have one.

    Welcome Home

  3. I’ve never driven longer than hour by myself with my children. So I’m at loss for words…..

  4. I don’t know what language I’m speaking today — of course I meant “an hour” and “a loss”……..

  5. I’ll join the crowd and totally be at a loss for words…you are an incredible mom.

    I really feel sorry for your daughters-in-law…there’s NO way they will ever measure up!

    Welcome HOME!

  6. Yay!! Home and (presumably) all in one piece. So…..were you driving when Moses took the 5,000 mile picture?!

  7. Girl. Do you have a cramp in your foot? Wrists? Bum?
    I think you’ve earned a CB and a call name like the other road warriors called truckers.

  8. Oh my gosh what would your CB call name be???

  9. Welcome home!! I think the BEST feeling is slipping into your own bed. Ahhhh…I just love that after a long trip!

  10. You are A-mazing!!! Go sleep for a week. You deserve it!! That is just too much family fun.

  11. All I know to say is God Bless Ya, girl.

  12. I can’t believe you still have the wherewithall to type! That’s a LONG time on the road!

    Glad you had a safe trip and I’m glad you’re home!

  13. I think we need know the ratio of the miles you drove vs. the miles MrCPQ drove.

    I’m thinking it’s along the lines of 1000/1.

  14. Just once, I’d like to tag-a-long! You are my mom hero. 🙂

  15. I am in awe. 5000 miles. You go girl!! Glad you had a great vacation and made it home safely!

  16. Yay! We’re there yet, we’re there yet!

  17. I’m so thankful that God watched over you, gave you a great time with your boys, gave you new adventures & experiences, & brought you safely home. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

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