It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I hauled everyone to the store yesterday in 105 degree heat because school starts tomorrow and we were out of critical educational supplies such as Oreos and Cheez-Its.

We take our advice from Napoleon and never march on an empty stomach.

It only took the kids five minutes to grab everything on the supply list.  They had birthday gift cards to spend and they didn’t see the need to agonize over just the right folder and notebook which is unfathomable to me because I can spend hours browsing through paper products and have highly evolved theories regarding binding, heft, and color and their relation to specific school subjects.

And you don’t even want to know how long it takes me to pick out a pen.

The boys’ backpacks were still in good shape.  Amazingly enough, we’ve kept the same ones since first grade.  I found them on clearance at a luggage store that was going out of business at the mall and they’ve held up well.  Their lunch boxes, however, haven’t fared so well.  We picked up new ones yesterday because the old ones were toxic health hazards their tastes changed and Spiderman wasn’t cool any more.

You should have seen us at the register.   When you’re buying supply lists times three, the cart gets filled pretty quickly.  The clerk’s eyes went wide and I settled in with a magazine for what is easily my longest checkout experience of the year.

Two of the boys are looking forward to going back to school.  The third is not and we’ve had a lot of late night discussions about new teachers and new expectations.  He truly loves his teacher every year and grieves moving on. It usually takes a couple of months before he’s settled and those allegiances have shifted to the new one.  It’s a pattern I’ve recognized and have tried to show him, but he doesn’t see it and so we begin the rough transition for a couple of months until he learns the new teacher is just as cool as the old one.

And when I say “we”I include myself.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Today we’re going to buy new shoes and try to find six elusive yellow double pocket folders  with prongs and then celebrate our last day of summer (and buck up my saddest little camper) by going to see Toy Story 3.  I hear I’m going to need a tissue or two when I see it.

Good thing I picked up six boxes yesterday.

Have a nice day.


16 responses to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year

  1. Oh my gosh, Miss Katherine is your long lost daughter! She can, and does spend HOURS in the office/school supply aisle! She absolutely loves the total organizational possibilities of the binder, the beauty (?) of the spiral notebooks, the wonder of the pocket folders! Nevermind the thrill of just the right mechanical pencil.
    Even now in college I have to make sure she has money on her flex account so she can visit the book store and it’s office product section. Every new quarter!
    She says… it just doesn’t start off right if I don’t have new binders.

    I used to love going school supply shopping – and learned to take the Missy on a separate day without the brothers, who could care less if they even had a pencil the first day of school. Ha

    Now, it’s buying bedding and refreshing the older ones towels and lost silverware … {sigh}

  2. Go ahead & bring the big purse for the entire BOX of Kleenex. Trust me.

  3. I LOVE shopping for school supplies! So much so, I’m afraid to admit, that I’d rather do it without the children, something I’m sure limits their creativity and ability to assert their own personal space/personality at school. {sigh} The sacrifices we make for our children!

  4. LOVE school supplies and Toy Story 3. Have fun!

  5. Happy back to school! I, personally, cannot wait for our day to come. 🙂

  6. So, when we meet one day we can definitely hit the stationery store. I too have highly evolved theories, binding, heft and color. My girls have inherited that so school supply shopping could turn in to an all day affair. Course we’ve outgrown those days. Which is the perfect segue to Toy Story 3…so sweet! Enjoy!

  7. Yes, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect binder for myself. The school supply aisle is my happy place.

  8. see I am not crazy! (This is me speaking to 16 year old who last year i told her a yellow folder was for science and she thought i was nuts….)
    Thank you!! 🙂

  9. We switched to Track 4 so it seems so strange not to be going back to school yet! Not sure how I feel about that. I have one of those kids that grieves leaving her teacher each year. At least they love school thought. I’m thankful to have a few extra weeks to find the elusive Primary Composition book that only first graders need. Sigh….

  10. I still love to browse the “back-to-school” aisles, thoroughly enthralled w/the selection & colors & types &…. I may just have to go stroll through there for old times sake (& I may need a … or a … or two.)

  11. just the thought of buying office/school supplies makes me heart do happy leaps…

    I’ve been thinking about you boys all day. 5th grade!? can you believe it!

  12. Give me a shiny new red TrapperKeeper and a box of No. 2 Ticonderogas and I’m a happy camper.

  13. I can’t believe school starts already!! Mine don’t go back until August, which *still* seems early to me. Then again, I’m old and walked to school uphill both ways in 8 feet of snow. You get the idea.

    School supplies. Love them. I, too, can spend hours sniffing paper and picking just the right folder. And pens. Oy. I am a sucker for the perfect pen.

  14. Love the comercial that uses this song for it’s back to school ad! Cracks me up every time. Our school just switched off track so we have another month! Yay!

  15. That Staples commercial cracks me up. Would you believe we had no less than 8 moving boxes marked “office supplies”? I LOVE them.

    And why IS it that every year there’s one elusive folder color? It’s like the Christmas Elmo of school supplies.

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