Monday Musings

It was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom around my house this weekend.  I decided it was time to tackle the wash that had sat for a week in the floor of the laundry room and apparently when I scooped the clothes up and put them in the machine, I brought along a friend or two that Cosmo had hidden under the pile.  It wasn’t until I had completed the cycle and reached in to pull out the freshly dried clothes that I noticed the dead lizard tucked in the corner by the dryer vent.

The children noticed when I ran through the house screaming to get the willies out.

JJ told me, “You need to face your fears, Mom” and I decided that outsourcing fear for $1 was money well spent so he kick-started a lucrative career in pest management by removing the offending creature for me.

Really, it’s just good training; all men need “save a damsel from distress” skills.

Two hours later the SAME THING happened again and I jokingly accused him of sticking lizards in the dryer just to make money and the gleam in his eye told me that he didn’t do it but that it might be a great idea to file away should future economic conditions require extra cash.

I was a little twitchy from my close encounters of the dead kind so last night when I went into the powder room and stepped on something lumpy underneath the bathroom rug, I yelled out that I needed a hero and sent Mr. CPQ in to investigate.  He decided the best approach would be to beat the living daylights under whatever might still be breathing underneath the rug and after he was assured of its demise, he pulled it back to reveal an amalgam of mismatched Legos.

Easiest money he ever made.

Have a nice day.

9 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. All boys must learn how to dispose of dead or live varmits. They also must conquer the skill of taking out the trash and removing anything that is slimy, icky, or otherwise plain gross.

    The best part of my day yesterday was my sweet hug from JJ. I love that boy!!

    The best part of my day today is that you used the word ‘amalgam’ in your post. 😀

  2. Snakes are my ‘terrors’. So much so that when I’m out running and I can readily admit that there is a shoe lace sitting on the side of the road – I still have to run “way” around it even though I KNOW it isn’t a snake.

    So many things look like snakes to me, I know that I give great entertainment to the neighbors as I scat, jump, hop, etc. around any object that could resemble a snake.

  3. Once in a while there is a roach skittering across the floor in my classroom. I just give the class my most pitiful look & asks who wants to take care of it for us. Always, some rough ‘n tumble boy comes to my rescue, for which I am most grateful.

  4. I think my son walks a little taller the days I have to get him to bail us out. My cats keep bringing in sparrows each spring. I.just.can’

    Glad we don’t have to just wait til Daddy gets home when we have a teenage boy to do the honors!

    Don’t tell him about the money system. He’ll be expecting retro pay.

  5. When are you going to move to the city and away from all those creepy crawly critters?


    Did you rewash all the laundry? I probably would have.

  6. I’ve missed you.

    Because you remind me that I’m not in this parenting boy thing alone.

  7. The mark of a godly women is delegation, and wise use of her money.

    I think you have graciously shown both.

  8. Yes, those legos give me the willies too. 🙂

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