Oh, look! A list!

1.  Yesterday was my celebratory back to school manicure and pedicure.  Usually I go to my regular strip mall place but I had a gift certificate to a local spa that Mr. CPQ won at a golf tournament raffle and he gave to me because he’s a smart man so I went the hoity-toity route which turned out not to be relaxing BECAUSE THEY HAD A/AN UNISEX WAITING LOUNGE AND IT IS NOT RELAXING TO SIT IN A BATHROBE IN FRONT OF STRANGE MEN WEARING THE SAME.

And while I’m on the subject, since when do twenty-year old men go to the spa?

2.  Today is my celebratory back to school massage.

3.  Tomorrow is my celebratory back to school cut and color.

4.  Thursday is my celebratory back to school Girl’s Night Out.

5.  Friday is still in the planning phase.

6.  The kids are celebrating that I remembered how to cook.  After almost a month of mooching off my mom and restaurants three meals a day, I’m back in a cooking groove.  Last night I made beef short ribs and served them over cheese grits parmesan polenta and they were RIDICULOUSLY delicious.

I admit, it was a little bit heavy for summer.  I told Mr. CPQ to close his eyes and pretend it was November and chilly.

He did close his eyes after supper when he fell into a food-induced coma on the couch.

7.  I watched a documentary about corn the other night and I may never eat processed food again.

8.  I also watched a documentary about a man and his wife that live completely isolated from civilization about 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  After watching them hunt and trap for their food, I realize what a pansy I am.

9.  Obviously Mr. CPQ has been traveling a lot if I have time to stay up all night watching documentaries.

10. Ten.

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “Oh, look! A list!

  1. Love that you make the whole week a celebration for yourself!
    And I just spent way too much time figuring out the a/an debate going on up there.

  2. Love the celebration traditions! You’ve reminded me to mark my calendar for me as soon as I get the school schedule!

  3. What fun back to school traditions! I may have to try these in a few weeks. Have a great week!

  4. Gotta love traditions : )

  5. Yeah, add me to the list of those who are copying your traditions.

    I love polenta. Did you make it yourself or buy it. I always buy it pre-made but if you wanna share your recipe, I’ll gladly receive it.

    I blogged about our meet-up today!

  6. I remember the days of celebrating the return of school. Now… notsomuch.
    Now I just commiserate with some retail therapy! Ha
    I did celebrate the cool 70 degree day yesterday with a go ol’ pot of spaghetti. Yum. Nothing better than a “winter” dinner in the Summer!

  7. Several months ago I went to the nail salon to get a pedi. While I was sitting there a Dad brought in his young daughter and proceeded to sit in the chair and have a pedi while the girl did to.

    What was even MORE weird, was that later, while having dinner with friends, I saw this same dad meet his wife at the restaurant, and the three of them had dinner.

    I was confused.

    But then again, that’s not really anything new.

    I think you need to work on your tan on Friday! Hint, hint.

  8. oh man but I love the celebratory things you’re doing for back to school. I’m a little jealous . . .

  9. I so love a good CPQ list.

  10. #1. Um…since they are gay.

  11. My sister met a guy online who told her, prior to meeting irl, that he got pedicures. They met. One date. That was all. There only needs to be one high-maintenance perso per relationship.

  12. If a man wearing a spa bathrobe is in the same waiting room as you, you have nothing to worry about. He’s hoping for a male masseur.

    Documentaries always make me realize how many things there are to worry about in this vast world. Ignorance is bliss.

  13. The spa waiting room is sacred. Cucumer water, check. Unsalted pretzels, check. Soothing music, check. Hairy man legs, not.

  14. What was the corn documentary? We watched one recently too and it was crazy. Love the mani/pedi story but since i am a sad little missionary out here in KC i don’t get many of those.

    Except for the one my sweet sister just got for me last weekend. At least my toes look pretty. . . .

  15. 1. I’m catching up on saved blogs that I haven’t taken/found the time to read but couldn’t just mark as read.

    2. Yeah, what corn documentary? Have you seen Food, Inc? I’m afraid to watch that one because everyone that has that I know won’t buy processed foods anymore. Since you don’t like MickeyD’s, I’d say Supersize Me is safe, though.

    3. I suck at/forget how to cook every so often, but am thankful that I’ve found Pioneer Woman’s blog. She has step by step, photo by photo recipes. Much harder for me to screw up since it makes me have to be more creative in how I’m screwing it up this time.

    4. A list! Just for you!

    5. I love your back to school celebration! However, when your kids don’t go back to school, there’s nothing to celebrate. Please, Lord, have the Army move us soon.

    6. Maybe I should have a massage anyway?

    7. Because it’s my favorite number. Ha.

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