In which I show off my latest accessories

I’m wearing a couple of new things these days.  I bought this fun Lucite ring at a sidewalk sale.

I would have bought the matching bracelet but there’s no room on my arm because I’m also modeling this little gem.

I had a delightfully up close and personal meeting with concrete on the first day of school when my foot slipped off the curb and I ended up on my hands and knees in the middle of the street in front of everybody in carpool.

In addition to wounding my pride, I broke four toenails (hence the celebratory pedicure on Monday), ripped a hole in the knee of my favorite pants, and spent most of Friday night awake wondering if the throbbing in my ankles, knees, and wrists would ever stop.  Fortunately, the pain has subsided everywhere except for my wrist, and I think I can say it’s officially sprained.

Of course, this would all be self-diagnosed because I don’t like to go to the doctor because his cure for everything is stretching and Epsom salts and there’s something about Epsom salts that gives me the heebie-jeebies because my grandmother used them for something called a sitz bath which had nothing to do with aching wrists.

I tried wrapping it in an Ace bandage but it didn’t provide enough support (and I’m refraining from going off on a tangent about my first encounter with support bras in the Sears catalog) so I went to my favorite pharmacy and the pharmacist helped fit me for a wrist splint and how much did I love him when he suggested I needed to get a size small.

I haven’t had a size small on my body since I was pregnant and craving daily rations of the BK Big Fish Sandwich.

Come to think of it, that may be the root of my extra-large problem.

So that’s my story.

I’m gimpy but sporting skinny bling.

Have a nice day.


16 responses to “In which I show off my latest accessories

  1. You poor thing! Hope you heal quickly!

  2. Fashion wrist splints. Someone should get right on that.

    I’ll take mine in a fun paisley, thank you.

  3. Is it wrong that I laughed so hard when I read this post. I have great sympathy for you, I really do, but you would not have thought so if you’d been sitting next to me just now.

    Oh, and how appropriate was it that your accident happened in the CARPOOL line? Of course it did. Or else you’d be CurbQueen or somethin’ tacky like that.

  4. Oh, no!!

    The ring is very nice. I’ve never noticed your dainty wrists before. Have you been typing one-handed?

  5. Ouch! But I love the ring!

  6. Love the ring! sorry you took a tumble. don’t you just hate it when stuff like that happens?

  7. oh dear…hope it heals fast. Did I ever tell you about the time a 3 year old student ripped the tendon in my right thumb which required surgery and weeks and months of casting and therapy?

    We are kindred spirits.

  8. Did you paint your toenails to match your ring? Perfectly peach, maybe?

    Hope you recover completely. God bless ibuprofen.

  9. I’m so sorry about your mishap, but oooooooo and ahhhhhh I love that fun ring! Good find!!!!

  10. do you not know about me that you can’t tell stories about falling? I am a terrible person and can’t stop laughing.

    even though in my heart I am all the way sorry for you, and know it was totally awful and painful.

  11. Now you and my mom will be twins.

    I could sew some faincy ribbon on it to match your ring…

  12. Whenever I fall down…which is more often than I’d like…I get up and throw my arms in the air like I just did a gymnastic dismount. I am always happy to be others entertainment…

    Hope you heal quickly

  13. Now that is an impression on the first day of school! Just kidding. Glad you did not break anything but you have got to hate when you tear a hole in your pants.
    I hope it gets better soon.

  14. I gave you a 9.8, but the 7.6 from the East German judge kept you off the medal platform.

  15. When I was wearing mine (got it off on Monday in exchange for a molded to fit small brace), a guy (D. Corbett) asked me if they made those in colors/patterns. When I replied, “No”, he said that someone is really missing a marketing opportunity. Hope you feel better really soon!!

  16. All I know to say to these last two posts is BLESS YOUR SKINNY BLING HEART.

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