Monday Musings

1.  Friday morning after the OnStar/Spiderman Incident, I went to the car dealership and showed them my neat trick about how to exit a locked car and after scratching their heads and spending two hours trying to get it open, they came over to me in the waiting room and said “We have no idea how to open your car door.”

Dear Chevy:  Your people need a course entitled “Inspiring Confidence In Your Customer”.

He said that they had never seen anything like it (why me, Lord?) and they would have to cut out and replace the entire lock assembly because it was jammed beyond repair and oh, by the way, it would take several hours.  “Several” turned out to be EIGHT by the time it was all said and done and that means that I ate breakfast, lunch, and snack out of the vending machine thus breaking my vow to never eat processed food again.

Desperate times.

And Slim Jims just ain’t the same at 40 as they were at 19.

2.  And now that he’s back in town, I can tell you that Mr. CPQ was away for this entire ordeal.

3.  There’s a lot more that I could have written about the above point but this is me showing great restraint.

4.  Speaking of Mr. CPQ, I made him watch Hoarders with me yesterday afternoon as payback for having to watch unending coverage of the British Open and after a particularly gripping and compelling story he took it upon himself to remind me that he vowed in sickness and in health but not in crazy.

Maybe it’s a good thing he was gone last week.

5.  We had a Sunday School party yesterday afternoon and I need to tell the skinny people to please stop planning pool parties.  On the bright side, 90% of the women in the class are bloggers and everyone knew not to take pictures because the rest of us have Internet forums as well and you know what they say about paybacks. The kids had a great time swimming and the adults had a great time visiting and eating pound cake, and you have not lived until you’ve eaten Kimberly’s pound cake which was all kind of delicious but it made me a little sad to eat it because she and her family are up and moving to Texas and we will miss them.

And her cake.

But them more.

Have  a nice day.

12 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. I’m hoping they at least picked up the tab for the aforementioned ‘entire lock assembly’ since it was such a ‘head scratcher’ for them.

    And why is it that most car issues surface when the Hubbys are out of town? Hmmm?

    Just sayin’

  2. I think the Chevy dealership should have paid you for your time spent there. You, afterall, were providing training services to their mechanics.

    Or you should at least require a commision cut on the next Suburban that comes in with a jacked up lock system. Seeing as you invented the problem and all.

  3. Things always go haywire when my husband is out of town. We chug along just fine until he’s out of the country and then the refrigerator starts barking like a little dog in the middle of the night, the washing machine overflows and breaks down, all sorts of “engine lights” come on in the cars, a mouse scurries across the floor, the roof leaks and sets off the smoke alarms in the middle of the night ( they are excruciatingly loud!), the dog gets sick, or I get a scary prank call from someone in the middle of the night. My husband will be going on an overseas mission trip sometime soon – I’m not giving the prank call people any dates – and I’m currently praying blessings over everything I can think of in hopes of getting through the week without any catastrophes!

  4. Cheez-Its, too – just not the same. I got my hands on some after well-nigh 20 years of Cheez-Its deprivation; and I was sadly disappointed.

  5. In sickness and health – but not crazy! Ha! Ha!

    Also loved the line about skinny people and pool parties – amen sister!

    Have a great week!

  6. oh my gosh..I am so out of the social networking loop but I am definitely going back to read about this “incident” you refer to…seriously, you should write about titled “Incidents” with CPQ!

  7. I think “we can’t figure it out” at the service station equals “here’s a loaner vehicle.” Although, I’m not one to pass on a gourmet vending machine meal.

  8. Sus…I am so honored that I made your blog, and even more excited that you loved my pound cake!! Pound cake ships very well, so any time you need a fix just let me know and one will be on the way. 🙂 Thank you for your sweet encouragement!

  9. “not crazy”…classic

  10. Well, since I’m a day late (and probably a dollar short) you already know that the theme of the week is pound cake. I posted my recipe today (tues) without reading this ode to Kimberly’s cake. She IS the cake boss in these parts, so I don’t even pretend to be as good as her. But my friend Leslie can rock a pound cake like nobody’s business. I love being surrounded by good cooks. It has many perks!

  11. I CRACKED up when I read that there were not pictures taken at the pool party. I got in the car and thought I can not believe there was not one camera in sight. I know I did not want my behind in any picture!
    I am sooo glad New Every Morning posted a recipe for pound cake. Maybe I will attempt it so I don’t have to turn in my southern girl card. I am really afraid if I make it I will have to eat the whole thing! I rather eat pound cake when I don’t know there are 2 sticks of butter in it. Ignorance is bliss in this situation.
    Glad I got to catch up with you at the pool.
    Now that I am rambling on…..have a nice day!

  12. I want to be in your SUnday School class. You guys have all the fun.

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