Tuesday Tidbits

1.  We went to Parent Curriculum Night at the boys’ elementary school last night to learn about what the expectations would be for 5th grade.  The first expectation was sitting in  kid-sized chairs and I must admit I didn’t handle that very well.

I also didn’t handle it well when the teacher started talking about new math.  I just don’t get new math and what was wrong with the old math in the first place?

2.  Related, I’m about to reach my limit on helping the children with their math homework.

Would different trains PLEASE stop leaving different stations at different times traveling at different rates of speed?

Can’t we all just get along?

3.  Sally From The Comments asked about pictures from the OnStar incident.  (Do y’all wish I’d stop talking about that?)  Kellie sent me this one that she snapped as I was trying to kick the door open and you’re welcome.

4.  While we’re at it, here are pictures of what we ate that night:

5. I tried making a fancy new recipe at home last week.  It was called Brick Chicken and the recipe said it was easy, moist and flavorful and my children were going to rise up and call me blessed.

And I ended up charring it into oblivion.

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. I didn’t recognize a thing…however, the dessert looked delicious!

  2. That food looks delicious! What was the restaurant?
    I had a similar problem with my van in which the sliding door did not close. I just made sure not to sit children in the seat by the door until it was repaired.
    Math is scary! My DH just took a new job and I am stressing about him possibly traveling when my 6th grader needs help with math. I have a feeling we might learn to Skype.
    How did your grilled chicken taste?

  3. I still don’t get why it’s called new math. It’s been new for 30 years…at least that’s as long as I’ve known it. Shouldn’t it be old math by now? Or at least getting older math?

  4. The picture of you trapped in the car trying to kick the door open gave me a mild panic attack.

    that food looked amazing!

    I don’t really enjoy the word moist.

    And hey that looks like my chicken…

  5. Just to nip this in the bud, you can’t afford my hourly rate for math tutoring.

    And I’m surprised MrCPQ let you near grill.

  6. I am lovin’ the Off Star (tee hee) stories.

    You could rename the chicken blackened chicken and just go cajun.

  7. The could call it future math, victorian math or space age match and I wouldn’t get it. I haven’t been able to help my son for a couple of years now. We will be going to 9th grade night soon. I’m terrified. High school? Seriously? I just know they are going to talk about things like drugs, weapons and all the things that can happen when you put hormonal teens together.

  8. My mother-in-law happily informed me this weekend that one of my loving children told her that his mama couldn’t grill worth a flip.

    Apparently he doesn’t know the unspoken rule of telling grandma that your mama is perfect in every way.

  9. That looked amazing.

    Not the grilled chicken, sorry about that one.

    Loved the rest of it!


  10. I saw someone on the cooking channel use bricks like that to make paninis not too long ago. Obviously the chicken thing is not a good idea.

    And is new math STILL new or is it a NEW new? Either way, they probably shouldn’t call it new because that word just scares us parents senseless!

  11. Wrong blog to read as I sit down to lunch… before I have even fixed anything! But I AM going to fit into the cute little dress I got for the wedding! I AM! Gimme another Slim Fast bar!
    Everything looked delicious on the plates.

  12. I don’t know how to turn the grill on. Seriously, I don’t. And I plan on keeping it that way, for a multitude of reasons which may or may not include:
    1. my fear of fire
    2. having to cook outside in the elements
    3. my hubby is the grill master around here, therefore,
    4. why learn a new job when all of my other jobs keep me plenty busy?
    5. I like all kinds of food, but black chicken isn’t one of them

  13. Yummo on the food pictures…except maybe the brick one.

    I still can’t wrap my brain around your off-star episode….and how you managed to escape..without having a full blown anxiety attack.

    I’m not a fan of new math. It doesn’t really matter when the trains leave or at what speed…all that matters is that the driver stops texting long enough to operate them in a safe manner. 😀

  14. Seriously. Must get more grits. Soon.

    And your arm is very toned! All that Travis lifting has benefits!

  15. Thought of you yesterday when I pulled in too close to a fencepost at farm camp pick-up and couldn’t open my driver side door, but darn it if I was giving up a primo spot! So, I crawled, or sprawled, more like it, into the backseat of the Avalanche and out the rear door. I find any way possible to feel closer to you.

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