Monday Musings

Mr. CPQ and I were talking about food the other night because we’ve decided it might be time to stop vacation eating seeing as we got back from vacation three weeks ago.  Since diet self-sabotage is one of our love languages, we were discussing our favorite things to eat and he boldly declared that he could survive on hamburgers and pizza for the rest of his life and never tire of them.

I, on the other hand, have commitment issues and couldn’t decide what I’d take to my desert island because sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don’t.

We indulged his hamburger craving by lunching at Wendy’s yesterday after church because I think Wendy’s makes a pretty good one and if I never set foot in a McDonald’s restaurant again I’ll be a happy woman.

My mother does not carry a high opinion of Wendy’s because it bothers her that a) the buns are not heated and b) that they are round and the meat patty is square.

And that tells you all you need to know about my mother.

And ensures that I’ll get a phone call about sixty seconds after hitting the “publish” button.

I don’t ever order my hamburgers the same way twice, but I make the exception at Wendy’s because there is one condiment there that is a must have on my burger and it’s not part of the usual line up.

I’m sharing this secret with you today because it may change your life.

People, you have to add a packet of chili oil seasoning.

This little trick started when I went to Wendy’s with a friend of mine back in the day when they still had the salad bar with tubs of saltines and seasoning packets for their chili.  She grabbed a packet of the oil and poured it all over her burger and because I’m a follower, I did the same and it was like the skies parted and the angels sang. It adds a subtle spiciness and dimension that are unequaled in the ways of burgerdom and I’ve never eaten them any other way since.

Now, whatever you do, don’t read the ingredient label on the chili oil seasoning before you add it because I did and it kinda’ ruined my happy place.

But I rallied.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go answer a call from my mother.

Have a nice day.

14 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Hmmmmmmm….chili oil sounds interesting. I think I might pass on it though.

  2. I have never had a burger from Wendy’s and it’s because of that weird square pattie. It makes me think it’s fake or something.
    I’m starting to think your Mom and I could be friends….

  3. MMM! Sounds interesting.
    I only want to eat cold things with the heat wave we have been experiencing. I made a massive batch of my favorite Gazpacho yesterday and plan on eating it everyday this week! Great way to use those fresh veggies from the garden.

  4. Thanks for the tip . . . Although Adam and I watched Food Inc and now I’m ruined for burgers forever. It was a mistake, Adam loved it and I hated it – I prefer ignorant bliss 🙂

  5. I agree with your Mom, ANYONE knows that God intended for hamburgers to be Round!! Go Lahoma!

  6. You will not be surprised to learn that chili oil is a favorite condiment here too : )

  7. Chili oil sounds gross. But I suppose eating doesn’t require the use of my ears.

    Adding it to my list of things to try.

  8. I was just talking about you with my own mom the other day.

    Shecommented that some gourmet meal you twittered about sounded good.

    I said, “Ya, CPQ is a serious foodie.”

    My mom said, “Why serious?”

    And I said “Because I have watched that girl eat some seriously weird stuff.” (Reindeer sausages anyone?)

    You are BRAVE eater…square burgers and all.

  9. Your blog is a hoot. Got here through my Sister-in-law Beth…you make me laugh everytime! And I’m kinda with your Mama the buns need to be a bit warmer but girl I need to try that chili seasoning…hmmm where have I been?

  10. Not that I am a frequent Wendy’s patron, but when i go, I MUST combine a packed of the chili sauce with a little cup (love their little cups) of ketchup to dip the fries in. Divine. Dave would be proud.

  11. Wendy’s burgers are awesome. I am ok with their squareness. Your mom would worry about me. Wait, most people do! A friend of mine used to insist on chili oil seasoning with his Wendy’s fries. Me? I prefer to dip my fries in a Frosty. Fries – whole different subject altogether.

  12. “…Since diet self-sabotage is one of our love languages…”

    You found the perfect words for this behavior. This describes the language spoken in our house too.

  13. Those square patties on round buns have always bothered me too. I think your mom and I could hang out.

  14. I tried it and I concur. And I didn’t read the packet because you told me not to read it.

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