In which I report some sad news

It is my sorrowful duty to report this morning that a member of our household has made a dramatic exit.  He felt unloved, unused, unwanted, cast aside by the very one who purported to adore him til death did they part.

My friends had  asked, nay, begged me to keep him, but in the end, a desperate cry for help from fellow blogger and long-time friend Lori won out and I agreed that it might be best for all of us if he went to live in a better home where they were going to have a costume party.

He will be happy there, paired with some oversized Elton John sunglasses and surrounded by other equally gaudy stunning compatriots.  My only regret is that we never really understood each other.

And that I didn’t return him within 30 days.

We spent our final bittersweet moments together yesterday at the post office while I tried to assemble their shipping box.

The bitter was in my heart and directed toward the box engineers who didn’t take their end user’s  IQ and general lack of spatial awareness into account.

The sweet was the roll of packaging tape that took care of some of the more detailed instructions that eluded me.

Elvis has left the building.

Have a nice day.

11 responses to “In which I report some sad news

  1. Wow…all I have to say is wow. Seriously…wow.


  2. I’ll miss knowing that one of my friends had a disco gold jacket hanging in her closet.

    I hope Elvis enjoys his new home…he deserves to be worn with pride.

  3. Uh-thank-you.


  4. And you know gold leather will be all the rage next season…

  5. Last line. Precious.

    It is better to never have loved than to… oh, wait…

  6. Please tell me this is not why you asked me for my address yesterday…

  7. You gave it away??? Are you lonesome tonite?

    I hope the lucky new owner sends you some pictures for our viewing pleasure.

  8. Somewhere the gold lame (with an accent mark that I can’t find on my keyboard) gods are crying.

  9. thelumberjackswife


    That was quite the jacket! I am glad you are joining in on Tuesdays!

  10. How cool that the jacket is now in service at our alma mater!

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