Friday Fill-In

1.  I got a new camera app for my iPhone this week and I love it.  It’s called Shakeit! and it mimics the look and feel of an old Polaroid and really dresses up what would be an ordinary snapshot.  Here are a few pictures that I took last night of my three favorite subjects:

2.  I am once again aboard the diet train wreck.  There’s a possibility that I might have a fun little trip in early fall and I want to be able to a) look cute in my vacation pictures, and b) eat with abandon.

I did lose one pound this week.

It might have been because I had a tearful parting of the ways with my nightly Butterfinger.

3.  I went to the dentist yesterday and paid for the privilege of having sharp picks poked into my gum line. This time I was a little better prepared with suitable headphones.  I hit the shuffle button and laughed as the first song blasted into my ears.

Rick James’ “Super Freak”.

How appropriate.

Have a nice day.

6 responses to “Friday Fill-In

  1. Did you remember to breathe? Maybe you didn’t need to, after the ammonia trip!

  2. We got an photo app for our phones ~ Hipstamatic. It takes really fun old fashioned pictures. You should try that one too!

  3. RIP Butterfinger.

  4. What sweet pictures! And I am still praising God for the outcome of your story this AM!!!!

  5. I’m detoxing this week. No sugar for me. My family has been warned to steer clear of my moodiness.

    Your boys are so handsome!

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