In which I take a break from the usual

Friday was an early release day for the kids, so a friend and I decided to celebrate by taking our respective broods out for lunch and then downtown to Marbles, a museum/play place where they could run around and expel energy and she and I could catch up.

I parked on Moore Square in front of the museum, leaving Travis in the car while I went to pay for the metered space at the automated pay box which was located at the corner.  This was my first encounter with the new technology and it wasn’t behaving properly and I was on my fourth attempt when one of the boys hollered down the street, “Miss Susan, can I open the door so that Travis doesn’t get hot in the car?”

“Great idea, honey!” I yelled back and turned back to the meter to try yet again.

Seconds later I heard a sickening thud.

Travis had fallen out of the car, hitting his head on the sidewalk.

His eyes were closed and he was perfectly still.

l ran toward him, fighting down panic and screaming in my head, “Oh God, please no!”

Ignoring everything I’ve ever learned about first aid, I put my arms underneath him and hauled him in my lap, saying over and over again “Travis, can you hear me?  Open your eyes, honey, open your eyes.”

Was this it? Was this the day that was going to end without the same  number of children as in the beginning?

Mercifully, his eyes fluttered open and he looked up at me.

“Are you okay? Can you talk?  Are you okay?”

He spoke slowly and distinctly, “Travis bumped his head.”

A passerby came over and helped me lift him into his wheelchair.  “Ma’am, I think he’s okay.  He’s talking and I can’t see where he’s too banged up. I’d be glad to call an ambulance for you, though, if you think you need it.”

I was checking every square inch of his body, and the stranger was right.  Other than a scrape across his forehead, the obvious point of impact, there were no other cuts and bruises.  He was alert, focused, calm, and generally everything that I was not at the moment.

We took him inside the museum where I washed his hands and face and cried my eyes out.

He laughed at me and told me to stop crying.

Which only made me cry more.

And then he handed me his toy car, the one he is never without and the one I have hated with every fiber of my being since he got it because the wheels are clackety and it is loud and annoying, and he said, “Fix it.”

Because the wheels wouldn’t move.

Because they were bent from where they hit the sidewalk first, absorbing the force of his fall and saving his life.

I am so grateful this morning for the ordinary.  For the sore muscles, the spilled milk at breakfast, and the incessant song of “Can we go to Target?”.

For I am reminded again of the precious gift that I’ve been given and of the Giver who loves him more than I do.

Have a nice day.


28 responses to “In which I take a break from the usual

  1. I’ve been in that parking lot, a bit, and I think I just relived your awful experience right with you! Thanking the Lord for His protection, love and care…..and even a stranger to come along side to be the calming voice straight from God. I’ve had those calm strangers help out too. God is good!

  2. Goosebumps and tears. Thankful for Travis’ guardian angel protecting him. I hope you were able to straighten those wheels.

  3. I love you!

  4. I sometimes forget what other Moms are going through because I’m wrapped up in my own tears….What a few moments that must have been for you…Thanking Jesus He was right there with you all.

  5. How frightening! So thankful everyone is okay!

  6. Oh so happy that your little guy is OK and very thankful that He loves us all more than we deserve and that your reminder from God at how much you are blessed was a small tap on the shoulder.

    Thinking of you!!

  7. I am so grateful with you that your morning is normal today. I know those moments when you suddenly fear that normal has just changed. I’m glad yours didn’t. And I’m so glad Travis is ok. You had me worried there for a minute.

    Bless you and your sweet family!

  8. I am amazed at what a gift God has given you and you share with us. So glad for the reminder today to enjoy the ordinary and so very thankful Travis is ok.

  9. You really have to open some of these with, “WARNING, GO AHEAD AND GET THE KLEENEX BOX.”

    I’m glad he is ok.

  10. There are so many things I want to say, but I can’t see the screen from the extra saline in my eyes. Thankful that Travis is OK. Thankful that we can see the life lessons in scary moments. Thanks for shaking up my day and reminding me of that. And I am serious when I say that.
    love you.

  11. God is good. All the time.

  12. Oh Susan. I’m so glad this story had a happy ending. Give that sweet boy a kiss from me!

  13. Praising God for Travis’ protection. So glad he was ok! Thanks for the reminder that even when we can’t be there every second for our kids, God is.

  14. Thank goodness all ended well. So glad Travis is ok! Give him a big hug and tell him a lot of people care about him. We all need to hear that but especially the little and (somewhat) helpless ones.

  15. I have goosebumps (and I’d already heard the story in person) What a gift of life you have, and what a gift of Light you give your readers. Luv you much!!!

  16. Wow! So grateful with you…

  17. Oh my gosh, thank God for the toy and Travis’ Guardian Angels!

  18. Love you and your sweet family. Thanks for helping us to keep it real.

  19. When your heart just splits with emotion for your child, it astonishes and astounds how the Lord must love us.

    Glad sweet Travis is ok.

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us today. What a blessing.

  20. Glad you are both okay.

  21. I told your story today to a friend who was anxious about a child… How powerful our God is & how gracious He is! Though I heard it in person yesterday, reading afresh was just as moving again. Love watching you love your boys!

  22. Oh girl, I am so glad he’s ok – I will be praying for a continued sense of that gratitude all the time! 🙂 love you!

  23. I’ve heard this from you already, and still…still the goosebumps come. Love you all, and hope the trip to Target was fruitful in the provision of another annoying, but possibly life-saving toy.

  24. I have tears in my eyes reading this. Thank God for His protection.

  25. My heart stopped a little while reading this. So glad all is well.

  26. not sure how I missed this post. praising God for His protection & for your gift for perspective.

  27. Oh my goodness, Carpool Queen, what a story. I am so relieved for you that it all turned out okay. Those are the worst parenting moments, ever, where your heart nearly stops and you can’t believe how close you were to life changed forever. One of my boys had a near-drowning incident many, many years ago, and it’s something I pretty much just block out of my mind because I can barely stand to remember the sickening thought of what almost was. Praise God that His eye is on the sparrow, and it’s on the boy holding the plastic car.

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