GladiTuesday Tidbits

1.  I’m glad that I remembered it was Picture Day.

Of course, one of my offspring has a scrape to memorialize which is par for the course because over the years we’ve also documented black eyes, questionable fashion, and an unsupervised incident with Dad’s hair trimmer.

2. I’m glad that Mr. CPQ and I have survived the first week of our new eating plan.

He has lost 10 pounds.




But I’m not bitter.

3.  I’m glad to be back in a “try a new recipe” groove.  I served beef roast for dinner last night that took 30 hours of prep and cooking time.

And it tasted like…….roast beef.

As we say in this house, it was a long run for a short slide.

4.  I’m glad for unexpected surprises.  My brother and his son invited my dad to fly from Oklahoma to Oshkosh for some big air show in his little plane (they will cringe that I don’t know the name of either the show or his plane), and while they were there they ran in to my uncle from California who also decided to go.

How weird is it that they all showed up from different parts of the country at the same place at the same time?

5.  I’m glad the city has an appeal process for the parking ticket I received on Friday after we had our little incident.

Guess who forgot all about the meter after T fell down?

6.  I’m glad that the fall TV season is almost here.

The endless loop of The Best Thing I Ever Ate is starting to get old and threatens to derail what little food discipline I have left.

7.  I’m glad for OPI nail polish.  It is all that and a bag of no chips.

Every time I look at my toes, it makes me laugh that the color is called “No, I’m not a waitress.”  And those are Kellie’s toes beside mine.  Can you tell which one of us has spent her summer by the pool?

8.  I’m glad for dead lizards in my laundry room for their presence ensures that it is regularly swept.

9.  I’m glad my neighbors haven’t called the homeowner’s association over the sword and the axe that are currently stuck in the tree stump in our front yard.

10.  I’m glad I’m at the end of this list. Thank you, Gretchen, for hosting!

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “GladiTuesday Tidbits

  1. I’m glad someone else is as glad as I am for OPI nail polish. It’s all I wear. Little things make me so happy – but at $8 a bottle my husband would not agree that it’s a little thing!

  2. Have you tried OPI’s “Suzi sells sushi by the seashore”? It’s my favorite summer toenail polish!

  3. Why would you appeal the ticketing if you forgot about the meter?

    If you failed to feed the meter, you owe the ticket. Did you not park on city property? Did a failure of the city cause your son to fall out of the van?

    • carpoolqueen

      Dear Arlen,

      I am sorry that you are upset and wanted to offer some background as to why I will be appealing my parking ticket.

      First, the city has offered me the opportunity to appeal.

      Second, I will be appealing for technical purposes. I made four attempts to pay, following the instructions as given on the screen and got a malfunction every time. This is new technology that the city installed just a few weeks ago, and I would not be surprised if there are system problems.

      Third, I will be appealing on humanitarian grounds. As I was making the fourth attempt to feed the meter (and getting my fourth error code), my handicapped child fell out of the vehicle, hitting his head on the sidewalk, knocking him out. Thinking my son was dead kinda’ made me forget all about everything else.

      Fourth, if the city denies my appeal, I will pay my $20.

      We don’t know each other, but I will offer up that I have a master’s degree in public policy and, in a prior life, served as a public servant. This doesn’t change who you are or who I am, but I think it goes to show that I care deeply about government and how citizens are treated. I don’t take it lightly.

      I don’t know how long you have lurked on the blog. I could go back and check my site meter, but I’d rather joke around and poke fun at myself and do my best to lighten the mood and share laughter with those who stop by here.

      I would hope you’d do the same.

      Carpool Queen

  4. UGH! I hate “eating right” with men. Life is so unfair!! You may not be bitter, but I have plenty to go around. 🙂

  5. Love the toenail polish! You have nice long, slim toes unlike my short stubby ones. Thankfully my children have their dad’s toes.
    I am trying to cook healthier by trying lots of new recipes from mom’s old Cooking Light magazines. Last night was Shrimp and Avocado Tacos. Oh. My. Word.

  6. Guess I better get to hosting then. So glad T is okay, and superifically glad you’re my friend. Forgive that I’m 10,000 posts behind?

  7. When(or maybe you did while I was away) will we hear all about you and Mr. CPQ’s healthy eating plan? Is it common stuff or a specific plan?

    Love a list of thankfulness!

  8. I love the toe pic! And I love you, Sus!

  9. Love the list. Don’t love my Fred Flinstone feet. ..they are as wide as they are long…

    And while we are here… So glad for your Misteers weight loss….but it’s totally unfair that men lose weight faster, and more of it….hmph.

  10. Who spit in Arlen’s Cheerios today? You must not be a regular reader of this blog, other wise you might know that we are nice to each other around here. In case your mother hasn’t told you– if you can’t say anything nice (or helpful), don’t say anything at all.

  11. Well, if it makes you feel any better, losing 10 pounds in a week can only be the result of one of two things: 1) he’s really lost about 1 pound of fat, 1 pound of muscle mass, and 8 pounds of water or 2) he’s cut off one of those Lurch-like feet of his.

    I’m betting on #1. Although #2 would probably make for an interesting blog post.

  12. Arlen, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt because I don’t know you, and as my friend Kellie said, we are nice to each other around here. I’m not sure how much you know about CarpoolQueen or how long you’ve been reading her blog.

    I’ve known CPQ for over 20 years and I can say with great certainty that she doesn’t take her responsibilities as a citizen lightly. She doesn’t try to look for shortcuts or ways to “beat the system.”

    No, the city didn’t cause her son to fall out of the van. Nor did she. It was more of a gravity thing.

    But couldn’t the city have provided a free handicapped parking space so that she wouldn’t have to try to maneuver a 90-pound, 4′ 10″ young man into his wheelchair while ensuring the safety of her other charges AND simultaneously wrestling with a digital parking meter?

    No the city doesn’t “owe” her anything. But sometimes, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to hope that its citizens and leaders would look out for those who need our help.

    I’m sure you’re a great guy, Arlen. But I don’t know you. I do know CPQ. And I just couldn’t let that comment go without adding my own in her defense.

  13. Wow…Arlen…wow.

    Can’t believe you actually wrote that.

    However, we all do dumb things. And I’m probably at the head of the list for doing those. I have often spoke/written before I thought. So, in the spirit of gratitude, I thank you for reminding me that my words can harm. And to think before writing/speaking.

  14. Interestingly enough, I don’t equate “being nice” to “total agreement all the time”. There was nothing ill tempered, “dumb” or profane in my comment – you don’t care for it merely because it’s a dissenting opinion. I didn’t condemn how many children she has or what type of haircut she chooses.

    Look at the words presented. Based from those points, does the city owe her a get-out-of-jail-free-card to have parked however long she wanted to and continue about her day? No.
    Ate your quarter and didn’t give you credit? Sure!
    Got distracted and forgot pay? No!

    And to the poster who feels that handicapped spots should be offered, I’m sorry, but no. Citizens are citizens and should have universal parking. The common reason why there are fewer handicapped spots now? Because far too many caretakers abuse them and ride on a handicapped person’s disadvantages or claim ‘humanitarian’ afterwards – that whole asking for forgiveness instead of permission.

    Are there days I’d like to avoid paying for parking? Sure! Are there times I’d like a spot next to the door at Walmart, absolutely – but I pay and I park in the outer lot because that’s what fair and just citizens do. While walking by a “handicapped” vehicle who has just whipped into the space and it’s sole occupant is sprinting to the door. And I’ve done the same while pushing a wheelchair “uphill” in the parking lot, simultaneously pulling a full cart of groceries.

    Oh, and no need to worry about the site meter – I came here from a link from a blog I read frequently; I’ll be sure to point out to the original blog poster that only people who drink the KoolAid are welcome.

  15. CPQ, Your response to Arlen was excellent! He/she obviously does not know you. Hopefully it will be a one time visit… Such acid remarks & mean attitude expose a hurting person who probably has an axe to grind with everyone.
    WHAT “plan” are you two using??? I need to take off a little more before the “big day” & I’ve hit a plateau. S. has hit the plateau too, so it’s not just me. But I’d love a hint of what you are doing/not doing… PLEASE!!!

  16. Yay for fun nail polish names. Sadly this gals toes are always french manicure cuz I just can’t step out of my box and the colors give me anxiety regarding “going with everything” Ugh. One of these days. Ha

    All I can say is… Poor Arlen.

    Have a great day!

  17. OPI Samoan Sand is a perfect neutral nail polish and I’m hoping they never discontinue it. I have a knack for all things discontinued.

  18. Arlen. Dude!!!

  19. Some people find some strange pleasure in hopping around the internet, looking for ways to be contrary and stir up trouble. We call those creatures Trolls. We also have a saying about that:
    Don’t feed the Trolls.
    Eventually, they’ll climb back under their bridges and leave you alone. Geez.

  20. I do believe that Arlen might be in need of some Preparation H and a lesson in manners. Just for his information, it isn’t Kool Aid. It’s coffee ’round here.