A mouse, a cat, a victim, certain death, and a confession

1.  Tommy informed me last night that his teacher’s pet mouse accidentally got out of the cage and is running loose in the classroom.  They’ve been trying to catch him all week, leaving seeds/crumbs/the baked chips I send in that he doesn’t like in an attempt to lure him back into his plastic castle to no avail.  I suggested placing cheese on a small board with a snapping metal guillotine on the end but the look of horror on his face told me that he wouldn’t be taking that idea back to his rescue brigade.

Until they catch him, I think my schedule might be conveniently full for volunteer day.

2.  I’m changing the cat’s name to Little Bunny Foo-Foo.  His new trick is to climb on top of the garage door while it’s open and bop unsuspecting victims on the head as they walk by.  The victim is usually Mr. CPQ which tickles me more than it ought to.

3.  Speaking of victims, here’s a fashion one.

I thought she couldn’t top the swan thing, but clearly, I was mistaken.

4.   Has anyone done P90X?  My cousin stopped by for coffee the other night and he’s completed day 71 of 90 on that program.  He looks AMAZING and I’m tempted to do it but let’s be real, if I couldn’t make it past day 4 of the 30 Day Shred, it’s a pretty safe bet I won’t make it through something that’s three times as long.

It might be worth it, though, for the blog fodder.

5.  And lastly, in hopes of wading into waters less controversial than my appeal of a parking ticket, I have to confess that I love this song and know all the words.

It’s my gift to you this morning; I hope it makes you extra ecstatified.

Have the best day ever.


21 responses to “A mouse, a cat, a victim, certain death, and a confession

  1. I thought P90X was a video game.

  2. I did attempt P90X. I actually might have kept it up, but I didn’t have the chin up bar and I was afraid I was going to rip off the front door by hanging myself and the elastic bands over it. Not to mention scaring the UPS guy as he walked up unsuspectingly to my front door one day. Nice.

    And since Spongebob is on the tv in the other room right this minute, I could not bring myself to listen to your clip. Maybe later…!

  3. Is your cousin following the food plan as well?? I guess if I stopped eating Mexican Lasagna and started any type of exercising, that might help.

  4. The mouse story makes me shudder. My girls BEGGED me to look at the mice with them in PetsMart yesterday. Thank goodness my neighbor was in there and let me talk her head off so I didn’t have to look at mice instead. #Justcan’tdoit.

    That dress *almost* makes me shudder more than the mouse on the lam.

    P90X? Heard of it, yes? Done it? No. I’m a wimp!

  5. Is she wearing the dress backwards? And are those shoulder pads? shudder. Rock it, Bjork, rock it.

    And the cat is making me chuckle.

    P90X: my bro does it off and on. Mr. Neal keeps threatening to buy it. I’m sure it works, but it sounds hard. Push ups? Pull ups? wahhhh

    I say do it. For nothing else but blog fodder. I’ll do it to.

    Look on Craig’s List for the DVDs. I see them a lot on there.

    I wonder why.

  6. P90X is crazy hard. Good luck with that. 😉

  7. Bunny foo foo! The visual is cracking me up too!

  8. How many chances has the cat had? And who’s the “goon” in the story? I’ll be humming that tune all day. Thanks. But only because I’m not as hip as you and don’t know all the words to the Spongebob song.

    P90X: To steal a phrase from a friend: “Walk toward the light”. We do not do Defcon 5 level follow thru, Sus. We top out at D3. You’re welcome.

    Try to stay on the right side of the law today, my friend. 😉

  9. Ask Momologuer about P90X. Especially the “Legs and Back” day.

    She still has problems standing into the upright and locked position for a couple of days after that one.

  10. Mice stories seem to be the theme of the day.

    I detest rodents.

    Anywho, I’ve never done p90X but i think you should do it. If nothing else you’d have some excellent blog posts! 😉

  11. Never done P90X, but I have seen people who have. Amazing transformation.

    I sooo know that song.

    My other fav. is much shorter – Crusty Crab Pizza is the pizza for you and me!

  12. P90X

    The P stands for pain.

    The 90 stands the number of times I hit my Snooze button before the workout.

    X is for the spot on the floor where you collapse after each workout.

    We’ve done it for three weeks (not every day because that would require getting out of bed early every day – which for me is WAY more difficult than the actual workout).

    We’re counting down 90 days until our cruise. Bikini territory? TBD.

  13. I’ve started P90X at least 14 times. And quite exactly that many, too. Because it’s hard. And it hurts. And I don’t like to sweat.

  14. I vote no on the P90X. It sounds way too hard.

    I’m with you on the mouse…what is up with live pets in school? I’m assuming its a pet and not a science experiment anyway. I still carry the scars from my 6th grade science teacher’s boa constrictor getting loose. They used to troop all the classes into his room periodically to watch it eat a mouse. Shudder.

  15. My rule of thumb..if they have to hide the name by using consonants and numbers, then it’s meant for folks much younger than me.

    Personally, I thought P90X had something to do with skateboarding…but I’m incredibly ‘not hip’..evidenced by the fact that Spongebob’s voice makes my eye twitch.

    And…the fashionista..what on earth??

  16. Basil FUNGUS?!!! Kelli asked the same & said hers has it! Didn’t know anything about it, but so far, no fungus here…

  17. All that outfit needed was your gold jacket……….

  18. I think she’s going for the frog look now.

  19. You can so do P90X! I am a Beachbody coach and can help you every step of the way. One of our products is P90X; I LOVE it!!

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