Three Things Thursday

1.  I’m eating leftover enchiladas for lunch and you KNOW they’re good because I’m not a big fan of things left over.  I tried something new last night and partially fried the corn tortillas before filling them and I used pepper jack instead of Monterrey jack and OH MY WORD they are delicious and I had to get another bite of them before my tribe gets home from school and devours everything edible from the fridge.

That’s the problem with teaching kids self-sufficiency.  They learn how to operate the microwave and suddenly, you’re out of food.

2.  Typically when my friend Heather calls me to go on a field trip with her clan, I jump at the opportunity because chances are there will be popsicles or cupcakes involved.

She speaks my love language.

Yesterday she pulled a switcheroo on me, though, and we ended up on a three mile stroll down the sidewalk hike through the jungle by the Art Museum and did I mention it was straight up noon and a thousand degrees?

I’ll do most anything to hang out with this little one.

We walked to the halfway point of the bridge that crosses the interstate and waved at the drivers that ignored us because they were all on their cell phones.

And then I went to Sonic for a Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla to try and rehydrate.

3.  I won my parking ticket appeal.  Shhh.

Have a nice day.


16 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. That’s the way we – as in My Mom, who BTW is of mexican desent – make enchiladas… fried in bacon grease before filling…mandatory.

    Yay! (shh)

  2. enchiladas … fried the corn tortillas … pepper jack

    Jumped right on the P90X bandwagon, I see. 😉

    Ironically enough, K and I had chicken enchiladas last night as well. And we are officially doing P90X.

    At least the workout part.

    The nutrition part? Not so much, obviously.

  3. First, that baby is looking SO grown up, and that is not OK with me.

    Second, how in the world do you “partially” fry something?

    And Third, WHOOO HOOO on the parking ticket appeal!!! Its good to know that there are decent folk out there who are FOR the people!!!

    (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more)

    Oh and also, in five + years of blogging, this has been the most “controversial” I have ever been in the blog world. It makes me giggle a little bit.

  4. But did she wear her ‘will run for cupcakes’ headband and her silly bandz?

    That seems to make the workout a lot easier… 😉

    Glad you won the know how I feel about the other ‘side’ of this issue. >: [

  5. My mom grew up in New Mexico and we always fry ours first. It definitely makes a good thing better!

  6. If it has fat, salt, or sugar in it, it’s got to be delish! You had me at pepper jack cheese. Worth every TUMS.

    and (yay!).

  7. I’m gonna say this in all caps.


  8. So that’s on the “diet”? I need to reread it… Bought the almond milk, but since I now only have 4 lbs. to go, I think I’ll just use it in place of my regular milk but continue on with what I’ve been doing. Course, when I get 4 more off I may decide to keep going…
    YAY on the appeal!!!!

  9. My boys and I tried for several years to find where to access that bridge over 440 as we passed it every Sunday on the way to church. When I finally figured out it was at the Art Museum I decided to take them through a “quick” stroll over the bridge after church one hot, 90 degree, Sunday afternoon. We were all in church clothes and half way through the walk and no bridge, no water, no tennis shoes, etc I knew we were in it for better or worse. It was too late to turn around because I knew we would NEVER do this again. We finally made it to the bridge (the boys were 4 & 6 at the time) and we headed back. I am sure we were quite a sight as we stopped several times on the way back to literally lay down on the side of the trail for a break. Cyclists would pass us by and I am sure they were thinking I was a complete idiot for doing what we were doing. When we finally approached the parking lot we were so happy the end was in sight. Severin, who had just starting gaining his personality at that time, would immediately inform any adult in sight that they better not go down that path because the trail lasted for miles and that he was never going to go down there again in his life….even when he was an adult. 🙂 (people would laugh and I am sure that they thought- Who is this kid?) I was just glad to get back in the A/C and get us all something to drink. It was definitely a memory maker and I am just glad they were old enough to remember it. We still talk about it on the way to church from time to time and in the end I am glad we did it.

  10. In retrospect, Locopops would have been a “cooler” option.

    But, I must say, it was tons of fun. Whenever we go with Miss Sus we always have a great time!

  11. Sweet. The Diet Dr. Pepper with vanilla AND the parking meter justice. I like it.

  12. We (my parents and sisters and I) quickly fry our tortillas for our “real” enchiladas, too. That’s how we do it in New Mexico (just like Joyce’s mom). But we stack them. So good. Boy am I hungry. I wonder how many points they are.

  13. why do I always leave your blog hungry?

    also: (yahoo for the appeal winning! may justice prevail!)

  14. Mmmm – Mexican food! I always stack the tortillas in my enchiladas because I am too lazy to roll them.

  15. WHAT?!? You appealed a ticket? You think you deserve special treatment?

    KIDDING!! Please return all hate to the original person for whom it was intended. 🙂

  16. You’re always so good at throwing ingredients on hand together and making it taste like it was on purpose. You truly have a gift, my friend.

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