Lunch Bunch

This is the perfect salad. I’m so enraptured by it that I had to blog about it WHILE eating it because I’m a sharing person and that’s what sharers do.

And also because I couldn’t get a lunch buddy at the last minute and typing on my phone while eating lunch alone in a restaurant makes me feel less conspicuous.

Have a nice day.

23 responses to “Lunch Bunch

  1. It looks wonderful. What are the Pink things?

  2. That color does not appear in nature…red dye number 4 is not good eats.

  3. You delight me! Thanks for sharing your food. And I love it that you don’t mind (too much) eating out alone. I do it too, but so many won’t. They’re insecure you know…

    And I too want to know what those pink things are.

  4. Carrot sticks?

  5. Prosciutto?

  6. Chopped Snagglepuss tail?

  7. haha love it – I wish i could be there to eat it with you!! 🙂

  8. You should have made this into a contest.

    So, what IS the red? Salmon? Watermelon? Barbie swim noodles??

  9. Beets? Let me know if it is, because then I would know one other person besides me who eats them.

  10. Y’all are all wrong. Keep guessing.

  11. rhubarb!

    (and you could have called me…)

  12. Oops..already guessed…hmmm Jicama soaked in beet juice?

  13. Whew. Glad those aren’t beets. Veggie sticks?

    That looks great, but you need to expound a little more for me, please.

  14. Vegetable.

  15. Well it’s really got me puzzled too – they’re too perfect for naturally grown anything (I think) so I guess they’ve been manufactured – but the colour?? They look the colour of radishes but they don’t grow that perfect either. Oh no – if they’d been more orange/pink I’d have said crab sticks – but then maybe you don’t get those in your part of the world. You’ve stumped me!

  16. Hmmm…I really thought they were rhubarb…

  17. It’s like I was right there with you.

  18. Um…we can still be friends and all, but I’d rather have Taco Bell.

    Just keepin’ it real.

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