Happy Birthday, Daddy

There once was a boy.

Who grew up.

And met a girl.

And they got married.

And had a baby.

And another one…

And another one….

And then the cutest one of all another.

I mean, really, how could you even stand all the cuteness?

Apparently, I couldn’t stand my brother the cuteness either.

These four children loved each other very much.

And the man took his family to live in Guatemala where they did neat things like ride motorcycles (and crash them occasionally)….

And where they made questionable fashion choices.

But most of all they listened to their daddy tell people about Jesus….

And they watched him get his feet wet and his hands dirty.

Because that’s what hands and feet that are given to Jesus are supposed to do.

And the children grew up.

And moved away….

But the girl still loved her Daddy.

Very much.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  I’m so incredibly proud to be your daughter.

Have a nice day.


26 responses to “Happy Birthday, Daddy

  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Greenwood! Hope you have a blessed day. What a legacy you have built for your children and grandchildren!

  2. This is so sweet. How many years is he celebrating? You’re so lucky to still have him. I miss my Dad. He’s been living with God for 3 years now.
    Happy Birthday to CPQ Daddy!

  3. Love this tribute to your dad and I’m sure your brothers are loving it too (c:

  4. Tears. So sweet, my friend. I’m sure he’s so proud of you, too. What a great leader.

    And kudos on the hours it must’ve taken to scan & download all those precious photos.

  5. Precious! I know your Daddy must be proud of you too! What beautiful words! And Happy Birthday to your Daddy from the Livingston’s! What a testimony that he told so many about Jesus but that he also loved his family!!!

  6. Loved your pictures and your precious tribute to your dad on his birthday. May I add my “Happy Birthday” to the chorus!

  7. Wonderful way to remember your dad’s special day. Blessings!

  8. Thanks sweetheart. You continue to be such a blessings to us. Wish we could do it all over again.
    My love, Dad

  9. Brought me to tears.

    What a tribute and what a testimony to Christ!

    Thank him for me.

  10. aww. Seriously. How loving of a birthday greeting to your Daddy.
    sniff. sniff.

  11. Okay, taking a short break from my cleaning out frenzy, but didn’t bring the kleenex with me… This was SO sweet! I loved seeing the pictures, hearing about the great ministry your folks had, & especially the sweet picture at the end. You are SO blessed with such a rich heritage!

  12. Dad gum it Miss Carpoolqueen!!! Would you PLEASE start giving Kleenex disclaimers BEFORE we start reading???? Geesh.

    What a precious, precious tribute to a clearly great man and entire family. You have been blessed indeed.

  13. that is an absolutely fantastic way to say happy birthday! well done!

  14. Happy Birthday, CPQ’s Daddy!! Love the tribute, love the pictures, love the whole post!!

  15. I love this. Daddies are so special. And man. The cpq was quite a cutie pie!

  16. Being a former Daddy’s girl I know what a treasure he must be to you and the many other lives he has touched. May God richly bless him this year with many happy moments.

  17. That’s absolutely beautiful. Hope he had a great birthday!

  18. That is the sweetest post! I think you were the cutest one! Happy Birthday to your Daddy. He sounds like a wonderful man.

    Thanks so much for always leaving me a sweet (or funny) comment on my itsy bitsy blog. I can always count on a comment from CPQ!

  19. What a lovely birthday gift to your dad!

  20. I love your posts. I start out laughing and somehow end up in tears. 🙂

  21. It is my hope, my quiet prayer that my children will love their daddy like this when they are grown. Well done, cpq.

  22. I knew he had to be a great guy to have raised such a wonderful daughter.
    What a precious tribute today!

  23. So sweet – it made me cry, especially the part that said “we watched him get his feet wet and his hands dirty because that’s what hands and feet that are given to Jesus are supposed to do.” Thanks for the reminder.

  24. What a legacy, Sus! And I love that last picture especially.

  25. That is really great. It makes me miss my dad and wish I could tell him the same things. Maybe I will anyway. Lovely post. (Found you through Amber.)

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