Tuesday’s 10 on the 10th Tidbits

Thanks, Meredith, for hosting!


1.  Why did my blog design change overnight when I didn’t do anything to update it?

And how do I get the old one back?

2.  Why did JJ ask me for steel wool and a D battery?

I need to make sure our insurance is paid up.

3.  Why did Mr. CPQ roll his eyes when I said I wanted to save a box of baby books to read to our grandchildren?

4.  If the boys don’t learn how to properly shower, I may never have grandchildren.

5.  I haven’t had a french fry in three weeks.

I was reminded of this as I sat across the table from Squishy Baby at lunch today and watched her munch on a waffle fry.  It was all I could do not to snatch it out of her hands I had a delicious salad.

6.  After a five year hiatus, I bought a tube of mascara today.

I didn’t realize technology had advanced during my absence.  The saleswoman, sensing my discomfort, offered to give me an application lesson, but I politely declined because I don’t particularly care to have people that close to my pores.

7.  I stopped in at the store to pick up some vanilla protein powder  and my cashier’s name was “Rabid”.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

8.  I had to practice some conflict resolution skills yesterday.

Turning 40 has given me some much-needed backbone.

9.  Speaking of backbone, someone who has more of it than I do is now wearing the gold jacket to critical acclaim.

You can read all about it here.

10. And on a somber note, former Senator Ted Stephens (R-AK) was killed in a plane crash today.  In a small world moment, I  had the opportunity to work with him/his staff when he was Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.   Prayers are offered for his family and staff.

Have a nice day.

21 responses to “Tuesday’s 10 on the 10th Tidbits

  1. Glad to see your jacket had a good time at the party. Personally, I think it was better this way.

    You haven’t worn mascara for five years? I can’t imagine. I have very blond and tiny eyelashes and look like God forgot something if I don’t wear any.

  2. And here all this time I thought you had taken your gold jacket to Goodwill or something equally unbefitting (word?) of the glamour of it. Isn’t that crazy fun that it lives! Yay!
    Oh, I hadn’t heard yet the outcome of the plane crash. So sad.
    You know, out here in the wild west they tend to only break in to regularly scheduled programming for important things like …um . . . weather. Ugh.

  3. No french fries and protein powder. I must hear more. I’m not even going to bring up the no mascara. I wasn’t wearing any today and ran into a BFF and she said I looked so tired. Enough said. I like Maybelline Stilleto, in case you were going to ask!

  4. Did you really not change your design on purpose? That’s just creepy. What if it was a bloggy lurker who hacked in??? I mean, it’s probably just a fluke. 🙂

  5. No french fries? Wow.

    No mascara? Really? It’s the one wand that really DOES work magic for me.

    Conflict resolution? That sounds so grown up. Hope it exceeded your expectations.

    I like your design. Just go with it.

    The gold lame jacket pics on FB were awesome. Evidently gold is the new green seeing as how you repurposed that baby!

  6. You always have the best lists. Was your checkout guy’s name really Rabid??? hmmm…

  7. I’m guessing “Rabid” worked at that grocery store beside the yarn store.

    You weren’t missing anything with the fries. First time I’ve been disappointed with CFA’s fries. “CFA…I could eat there 7 times a day…”

  8. NO mascara???!!! I’m still trying to digest this.. you always look so great! I run & put on mascara if I think the UPS man is coming.. & don’t go anywhere without it!

  9. I may not sleep well tonight after the no mascara CONFESSION! Today I actually didn’t put on make-up until this afternoon (usually I don’t leave my bedroom until I am “meet the world ready”). I felt totally off all day. I seriously have to sit with this for a little while and I’ll be looking closely at you come Sunday! 🙂

  10. Tell JJ that a 9-volt works much better.

  11. Save the books! Save the books! My grandchildren now read the favorites of their moms and dads, and the moms/dads get misty-eyed, almost. They say things like, “This was my FAVORITE book!” Do it. You won’t be sorry.

    Blog design: Yours is not the same design as mine anymore…did you change it? This shouldn’t be hard, but it is.

    Thanks for the comment. Your blog is hilarious.

  12. Mascara is my one must have item.
    And I love the new blog design. Did you seriously not do it? It’s pink!!!!

  13. Maybe his the name is pronounced “Rah-beed”?

    I kinda like the new look.

  14. I think your computer sleuth has had access to your blog. Personally, I think it looks good, but I am wondering? Where are the kitty’s?


  15. I am no help in explaining anything that occurs in the world of technology.

    So glad to hear that the gold jacket lives up to the hype : )

  16. I think I figured the blog theme mystery out! Rebecca told me you had the same background as I did, before the creepy change. Also, your theme was changed to the same one mine was. So, our thought is that WordPress discontinued the so-wonderfully-cool-that-I-can’t-find-a-replacement theme, and just defaulted all blogs using it to the current theme I have. Sigh. I can’t find one I like better. Grrr.

  17. The new look is OK – but I kinda imagine you as a brighter kind of girl. I always get a smile while reading your blog. Thanks for that CPQ! Blessings!

  18. I’d give up sugar before I give up mascara. I have IEL syndrome*, which requires me to wear mascara so I don’t scare away the women and children.

    *Invisible EyeLash Syndrome

  19. Oh, Gretchen, I have IEL, too! In fact, if I had no boobs and a pixie haircut, I have such broad shoulders, that people might think me shemale. But that’s another story for another day, isn’t it. This is about Sus.

    Tell NotNed to mind his beeswax. Don’t want my son getting any ideas if he happens to read over my shoulder.

    I’ve lurved Maybelline forevah, but have recently used Bare Essentuals mascara. Took me a while. But I likey.

    Wish you weren’t so consistent about posting–see how I transferred fault at my behind-ness in blog reading? 😉

    Wish I were at Aladdin’s with you. I’d even have a new food.

  20. I assure you…it’s not more backbone, just a great venue! And I LOVE it!!!

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