A look at my make-up drawer

Light and fluffy.

We are light and fluffy today because I still don’t quite know how to process my new blog design and I can’t go back to the old one because WordPress deleted it.

And please do not be wedded to the current design because I will be trying out new ones for the next few weeks until I find one I’m happy with.  I realize this can be unsettling to people and let me say “I HEAR YOU” because while I am eminently flexible, I am also intractably routine and I do not like it when people move my cheese.

Or don’t sell it anymore.

So, we’re talking about make-up today since y’all arose a hue and cry yesterday over mascara.  By the way, that mascara?  It’s fresh on my cheeks because I wore it to the dentist’s office today and he caught me off guard when he mentioned that JJ has officially lost all of his baby teeth.   My gut wrenched and my eyes welled and JJ choked back a sob or two when he realized the gravy train had left the station.

I stopped wearing mascara 5 years ago when I was spending all day in the pool teaching the boys how to swim and just never got back in the habit, but the other day I was thinking that I needed to focus attention away from my double chin my eyes needed a “pop” and I decided to get back into the habit. I have a pretty simple make-up routine and while I am deeply committed to my eyeliner and my gloss, I have no allegiance to foundation, eye shadow, powder, etc. and usually never buy the same thing twice because I only buy what Whimzie tells me to and she’s pretty fickle when it comes to product.

And I say that lovingly.

In case she’s reading today.

She and I shared make-up in college, mainly because I practically lived at her apartment even though I had a dorm room, and in the morning I’d just grab whatever she had laying out on the bathroom counter.  Funny enough, when we get together now, we always go through our recent purchases and let each other try it out.  Some habits never die.

Her latest recommendation that has been spot on is Stila’s One Step Foundation.  It has primer, foundation AND powder built into it and it’s the first foundation that I’ve liked enough to buy a second bottle.

She also talked me into this Benefit Dandelion blush, and while I have liked it for spring and summer, I think it’s going to be too pinky for fall.

This is the new mascara (Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes) I bought.  It’s not waterproof; I cried it off watching a YouTube video someone sent me about soldiers coming home from Iraq.

My gloss.  It’s Philosophy’s Reflect a Little.  Sometimes I wear it by itself or with some lip liner.  I rarely wear lipstick.

I’ve saved my Mary Kay Deep Brown eyeliner for last because it is my constant friend and faithful companion, my American Express.  I just don’t leave home without it.

I’ve used it for ten years and I hope and pray they don’t discontinue it.

Like they did my blog design.

Have a nice day.


16 responses to “A look at my make-up drawer

  1. Just pray K doesn’t use any if these products. She has an uncanny knack of spending months looking for just the right shade/smell/feel, only to find that her new choice has been discontinued.

  2. Found you at Amber’s. Um… you have triplets. Seriously. In case you didn’t know.
    Cool! Will be back.

  3. Sorry they went and moved your cheese . . . er, altered your blog design without asking. That would make me so sad, not because mine is so spectacular but because I just hate. Dealing. With that. Kind of stuff. I will stand by and try not to get too attached to any one look, Carpool Queen, so I don’t have a meltdown each time I visit. Loved seeing your makeup, by the way! Bought myself a second tube of my new favorite mascara just this morning — L’Oreal’s Voluminous. Now I’m off to wrangle the last of the peaches away from the pesky squirrels and blue jays. And on to making some peach brandy.

  4. I’m so with you about my blog design. They totally moved my cheese, too. Do you think they would bring the old design if we hollered enough? Where do we holler?

    Hey, I just got a brilliant idea! You inspired me, when you said you just buy what Whimzie tells you to buy for your makeup drawer. I’LL JUST USE WHATEVER BLOG DESIGN YOU USE!

    Ain’t I a genius? I don’t like to think, just execute. Er…wait…that wouldn’t make me a genius, now would it?

  5. I like this “topper”! I like change so much that I use the free ones & change frequently.
    So, on the makeup… where do you buy your products? I’m ready to try some new things, but don’t like to have to order it. I think I’ve seen some of these brands at Ulta. And that’s on my errand schedule for Friday.

  6. I just started using Maybelline Full N Soft mascara. Love it so far.

    And it’s water/trip-to-the-dentist proof.

  7. I’m pretty economical when it comes to makeup but I try not to ever leave home without my ‘eyebrows’ done. I have a thyroid condition which means hair doesn’t grow on me real quick. But I am puzzled and maybe you can provide me with the answer. How did you get your pictures to look like they do in the magazines – I mean, no borders – just the bare product? It has me intrigued. Blessings!

  8. Where can you get this Stila stuff? Intriguing. I am cosmetically challenged and need all the one-stop-shopping I can get.

  9. I need to stop reading your posts when you talk about things you buy…

    I bought a pressure cooker yesterday, and made our dinner with it in lightening speed…I’m now obsessed with how I might use it again, today. I’m thinking beans…but i digress.

    Now I think I will be going out and buying lip gloss, because I have a small obsession with lip gloss, always. I think it goes back to the Bonne Belle lip gloss with the little roller-ball applicator…I had one in every flavor. Loved me some Bonne Belle.

  10. Mmmm…lip gloss. I’d spend my last $20 on lip gloss and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Just sayin’.

    You know that I’m a rigid girl, but funny enough, your blog header is your business, and I am okay with whatever you decide. 🙂

    I’m sorry JJ lost all his teeth. For both of you.

  11. I’m a mascara girl. All the way. If the ship I was on was going down, I’d waste my lifeboat seconds running back to my cabin for the trusty wand and tube. Absolutely.

    I also love the all of Whimzie’s suggestions come in pretty packaging. That girl’s onto something.

  12. Remember our Phar-More trips? Did I even spell that right? I miss that place.

  13. Too late, Ned. I’m here…it’s ugly when they move my cheese…makes Ned want to move out.

  14. Must try the gloss! I love philosophy, as you know, so I’m sure it’s awesome! Also interested in the Stila base. Mmmmm – preschool tuition or yarn or new makeup?

  15. Good thing I read this AFTER I went to Ulta.

  16. Lisa@SliceOfLife

    I’m intrigued by the Stila foundation. I’m easily influenced by makeup trends. My makeup drawer runneth over. Also, pretty sure The Hubs watched the same video. I felt the bed shaking and I looked up from my book to see him sobbing uncontrollably and trying unsuccessfully to hide it. And I rolled my eyes at him. Yes, I have a heart of stone. And his is made of marshmallows.

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