At the car dealership. Again.

I spent five hours at the car dealership yesterday still trying to fix my car door from three weeks ago when it mysteriously malfunctioned in the middle of my girl’s night out. (I would hyperlink back to that story but I’m on my phone and besides, I’m sure the image of me trying to kick the door open in 4 inch wedges is sufficiently seared in your brain.)

My time yesterday was spent listening to the 6865436 ringtones that one of my waiting room companions scrolled through and I was tempted to suggest Theory of a Deadman’s “Make Up Your Mind” as an appropriate reflection of her personality but my mother taught me better.

And then she started to show me her singing kitten videos.

Accompanied by interpretive dance.

We were soon joined by the woman who shared with us the intimate details of her granddaughter’s love life, the man whose girlfriend left him but not before racking up $23,000 in charges to his credit card, and the guy who desperately kept trying to get the TV to work so he wouldn’t have to listen to all of the above.

This three-ring circus kept getting interrupted by the technician who tried to insist to me that it was normal for my car alarm to sound every time I inserted my key to open the door.

I kept insisting otherwise.

Reason prevailed and they finally located the problem which was a circuit that wasn’t properly grounded and, of course, the part had to be transferred from another dealership so I’m back this morning to get that part installed.

And to experience 5 more hours of blog fodder.

Hopefully without the kittens.

Have a nice day.


20 responses to “At the car dealership. Again.

  1. I’m certain that two days at a dealership, with interesting strangers is absolutely reason to find a happy somewhere on this fine Friday evening.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. I thought the tune was pretty appropriate as well.

  3. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a fork than spend that much time in a dealership waiting room. Want to borrow my fork? Somewhere along the line someone with good intentions must have prayed for you to receive patience cuz now you are being tested! Greg hates it when I tell him I will pray for him to have patience. Ha ha ha!

  4. I think that would have been a bit of overload even for someone like me (ADD!!!!) And it was too hot to go for a little walk outdoors. I might have reached the point of …. screaming!!!
    Caught in a situation of way too much info (TMI!), I am beginning to realize I can say, “I don’t think I need to know the rest of this.” Now, if I can just determine where to jump in with that comment….

  5. Two days in a row seems cruel. Very cruel. They don’t perchance have a Starbucks in the lobby do they?

  6. Oh my gosh, that sounds miserable. And hilarious.

  7. It takes all kinds to make the world go round…

  8. I think one thing from my service station repair place, Harry Potter. It wasn’t that long ago and I was a bit embarrassed to be reading children’s literature when I should have had Great Expectations in my hand. I think that’s a huge selling feature for the Kindle (or do you just say for Kindle?) that you can’t tell what you’re reading. My real point is, when you have a book in your hand it’s a force field against weirdo conversations.

  9. Sounds very entertaining.

  10. Your morning shenanigans at the dealership may provide blog fodder for you and consequently, entertainment for your readers, but it’s really interfering with our morning IMs. See what you can do about that, would you?

  11. I love the…….”I kept insisting otherwise”…..part! You go girl! 🙂

  12. I hope your day tomorrow is dancing kitten free.

    We had the same issue with my husband’s car. It turned out that the battery was almost dead. You should have seen those mechanics when the alarm went off in the shop and they couldn’t get the door unlocked. Mercy.

  13. Why is it that they always insist that there’s nothing wrong?? Can’t they just admit that they don’t know and graciously hand you a set of keys for a nice loaner car until they can figure it out?

  14. hypothetically, if you would have asked me 5-6 yrs ago if i had to choose b/t having the car alarm sound ea. time i inserted my key, OR having the car alarm go off ea. time i was sitting in the parked car attempting to discreetly nurse my baby in parking lots of popular rest stops along I95 (of course WITHOUT the keys to shut the thing off!), i would have chosen the former.
    again, just hypothetically speaking — of course.

  15. I’d much rather be stuck at the spa, or the pool, or even the mall or the airport. Wow.

    Hopefully your ‘Burb is fixed!?!

  16. I loved catching up on your blog today. I have quit mascara because it makes me have dark(er) circles under my eyes, and I don’t miss it a bit. Those were great pictures on your dad’s birthday post…fashion and all.
    And we had such a great time at Glorieta! My husband and I are ready to retire so we can work there all summer. 🙂 Where did you work there?

  17. Lisa@SliceOfLife

    So were the kittens also performing the interpretive dance or did they have backup dancers? Cuz I’d pay money to see kittens sing AND dance.

  18. I think it’s time for Mr. CPQ to buy you a new vehicle. He owes you for singing cats. Because that’s just weird.

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