Monday Musings

We had a great weekend filled with lots of food activity that started with a post-car- dealership trip to my favorite Indian place for their Tika Masala and naan.

And since I had fallen off the wagon, I decided to eat the dust and went ahead and cooked all weekend long, but nothing I made was better than these.

Salted caramel and chipotle popcorn balls.

And they will cause you to stuff them into your mouth at a rapid pace.





I found the recipe in the September issue of Food and Wine along with four hundred and sixty-four other ones that I just had to try.  We ate the black-eyed pea salad , shrimp etouffee, biscuits, and tea-brined chicken that only four out of the five of us enjoyed and which caused Travis to declare “This chicken is nasty” and while I was grateful for the appropriate sentence structure, the judgement rendered at the dining room table? Not so much.

And I gained two pounds.

Have  a nice day.


12 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. We speak totally different food languages. My weekend consisted of never stepping foot in our kitchen (oh wait, it was to pour a glass a milk to have with my store-bought brownies). Hmm, let’s see, in poker terms, I’ll see your two pounds and raise you some Five Guys and Pei Wei. I can’t even see my wagon anymore.

  2. Okay so one kiddo hated the chicken but what about the rest of the family? The recipe sounds kind of interesting and since there is NEVER a shortage of sweet tea in our house I could make it anytime.

  3. I’m heading over to the popcorn ball recipe now. They’re low fat right?

    I recently checked Pillars of the Earth out of the library on CD to listen to in the car. Might be an option for you.

  4. I know we talked in Life Class about our own distorted view of Heaven, but don’t you think Heaven has days like you just described (not the car dealership…not cleaning up kitchen dishes, but simply the delicious food)? I would need some chocolate thrown in there and then we’ll really be talking Heaven! 🙂

  5. Just printed the recipe for the popcorn balls… three little someones at my house are in for a happy surprise!

  6. At first read I thought you said “tear-brined chicken”… so glad it was only TEA.

    And, although I don’t usually talk about weight-y matters, I have managed to drop 4lbs of the 8 I’ve gained, since we moved to NC (southern food may be the end of me…cheesy grits anyone?), in the last month. I’ve resigned myself to putting them back on… I see those popcorn balls in my future.

    My thighs and I thank you. 😉

  7. OH for mercy sake….I just read the recipe….

    You had me a Corn Pops.

  8. note to self – slow down when you read lest you think tea-brined chicken says tea-brained chicken at which point you completely understand Travis’ comment “This chicken is nasty!”

  9. Three words:
    Thank you for sharing delectable delights. MMMMMM

    Question about the popcorn: air popped, stovetop or microwave? Does it matter?

  10. I’m still impressed that you can get your kids to eat anything other than a chicken nugget.
    You are a magician.

  11. Sometimes 2 pounds are worth it. It all looks/sounds scrumptious. I think I might have just gained 2 pounds, too.

  12. Have you been watching Next Food Network Star? I was so glad Arti won. Now I can learn the proper uses of curry.

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