In which we help my mom wear her cute shoes

My mom called me yesterday wanting some technical assistance on wearing her sandals that have a strap between the toe.  It’s uncomfortable for her and she vaguely remembers one of you saying something long ago in a comment about buying some sort of cushion to wrap around the strap so it wouldn’t be as bothersome but Mom didn’t remember what post the comment was on or who said it.

I’d rather not dig through the archives. Has anyone had this problem and found  a way to solve it?

Have a nice day.

4 responses to “In which we help my mom wear her cute shoes

  1. I use first aid tape. It’s not the greatest but it seems to help. My next thought would be some mole skin. If you can catch the mole that is….

  2. Maybe get a shoe repair person to hammer it thinner for you? That is, if it is leather. Good luck! I find that extremely annoying as well.

  3. My vote is for mole skin. I’ve not had the problem myself but mole skin works in so many other irritating areas.

  4. Yellow Box! The ones with the fabric strip between the toes. That’s how I trained my mom in the art of wearing flip flops. She’s a believer now.

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