Freebie Friday

Because my 11 year old cut his own hair, the week before we went to see his grandmother.

Because I’ve had a bad attitude.

Because I’ve had a complaining spirit.

Because I also did a little emotional eating over homework.

Because I burned the Rice-a-Roni.

Because my kids ate it anyway.

Because I’ve used my flat-iron for a week and haven’t burned my hair up or the house down.

Because I’ve survived a crazy month in a temporary assignment that was supposed to last  two weeks.

Because no one ate the ratatouille I cooked.

Because I got to spend time with this little one who ate my ice cream.

Because I did a little therapeutic shopping.

Because I bought a cute sweater.

Because I bought a necklace to match and a second one just like it to give away.

All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me something funny that happened to you this week.

And I’ll randomly pick a winner and mail it to you.

Because it’s Friday.

And because I want you to….

Have a nice day.


One comment per person, and comments will be closed on Sunday night around 8 pm EST.


39 responses to “Freebie Friday

  1. I was running from watching my daughter’s volleyball game to dropping my on off at football and picking my nephew up from football and heading to meet the teacher night….when I was running across the football field….and stepped in mud…..which covered both my feet…. squish.

  2. Because I got to take 3/4 of my feral children to the dentist yesterday. And apparently, they’ve received my genes for their teeth.
    Oy. Vey.

  3. Because I gave my oldest a huge cup of chocolate milk for breakfast with advil (football season) and he preceded to throw it all up within minutes. Happy Friday to me.

  4. Because this week my 4yr old shouted loudly in public: “Mama, butthole is a really NICE word!”

  5. Feeling cheap that I started with my “catching up on Sus’ blog” project with entering your giveaway.

    Mine is a little racy, so I’ll try to keep it general 🙂

    First, background information-
    Fact: I am going away with my husband for my anniversary this weekend.
    Fact: I purchased a little um, nightgown for the occasion.
    Fact: I decided I needed a new pair of underwear to wear with

    So, anyway, I went to the store, made my purchase discreetly, and headed to my car. As I was crossing the street, a bunch of cars were stopped going in each direction for me in the crosswalk.

    About halfway through, a huge gust of wind came up, blowing my bag up, around, and sending my unmentionables THROUGH THE AIR and across the lot. I had to chase the pair as the crowd waited, eventually tossing my purse on top of my delicates to keep them from going any further. I scooped them up in my hand, tried to find my dignity, and since that seemed to blow completely away while I was catching my undies… I decided to just leave without it.

    there you go- since I had no shame left anyway, thought it would be great to see if I could cash it in for a cute necklace.

  6. I donned a green superhero cape and yellow felt mask and ran through the school hallways (with 3 other crazy moms) giving away goodie bags to the teachers while the Rocky theme song played over the loud speaker just before the final bell rang. One little girl told the principal that superman came into her class. Another little boy said that there were crazy superheros at school today. But the funniest part was a 5th grader said he couldn’t go to the bathroom because a crazy person in a green cape was chasing him in the hallway.

  7. I want to go to Lori’s school. 🙂

  8. I could hardly sing during our family Rock Band time last night because I was laughing so hard at Anna Grace huffing and puffing and dancing her little heart out trying to get our score up.

    Or maybe I should tell you about the list of grievances Jack kept on me during our drive back from the beach.

    Sample entries: (this is exactly as it appears)

    iphone usage (mins) $.25/per

    30 min – earlier

    10:40 – 10 min (round up)

    NAP – (20 min) – took arm rest

    2 – BAD geography (get a map!)

    30- very bad at lunch

    5- not reading the book I bought (RUDE!)

    2 – SHHED ME

    Not that this is at all comprehensible, but it certainly entertained us on our 9 hour ride home.

    Happy Friday, CPQ!

  9. You have some friends (above) who have done some hilarious stuff this week! Not sure I can top any of that…

    Now that I think of it (and I’ve spent about 10 minutes just sitting here trying to think), nothing funny has happened to me this week. Either I need to get a sense of humor or I need to get a life. Actually, it was a pretty stressful week that has now culminated in me getting a nasty cold.

    I’ll try to look for the humor this weekend.

  10. i stopped at the atm to get money so i could buy an old table to paint and put in my bedroom… and i pulled up close cause i’m short and can never reach. and then i dropped my atm card. i had to open the door, squeeze out, and climb UNDER the truck to retrieve said card while the person in line behind me looked on in amazement. i made the transaction, pulled out and hit the curb on the way out. they must have thought i was drunk.

  11. Because my 4 (almost 5) year old son said “deleted because my mom reads my blog comments” (I know, HORRIBLE!!!!! Where did he hear it?????) at the doctor’s office yesterday.

  12. Well, does grocery shopping with a 4 year old pushing his own mini cart and shouting, “Hey Sugar Mama!” – count?

  13. Hmmm funny this week you ask? I went to a baseball game that was hosting Wizard of Oz night and created a yellow brick road banner, complete with Photoshopped photos of my family as the characters from the movie. It was pretty funny – and scary too as they all resemble the characters I chose for them personality wise as well. Not sure that’s a good thing, mind you.

  14. Our no-pet family got a frog and a cat this week. Thank you, grandparents! I haven’t had a pet in more that 20 years – I hope I don’t forget to feed Tiger. Moving the country cat to the city has resulted in a scaredy-cat! She hides constantly and runs at every sound. Being a no pets kind of girl, I had to seriously ask a worker in Wal-mart “where’s the pet section?” I had no idea.
    By the way…Freddie Frog has to fend for himself in the flowerbeds. We offer no special treatment for farm frogs that move to town.

  15. I, the girl who can’t make change when selling Girl Scout cookies, or can never figure out the tip on a bill, and still uses her fingers to add up small numbers, tutored her seventh grader in algebraic reasoning for 2.5 hours this morning.

    Now THAT is funny.

  16. I think you can appreciate this…I have a friend visiting and was helping her get some things out of the car. I was wearing flip flops. I am still not sure exactly how it happened but one minute I was upright and the next moment I was not. Somehow my dog, in her enthusiasm to chase that silly chipmunk, managed to step on the back of my flip flop and take me out. I went all the way down, much to my friends horror and I have a big fat bruise on my hip, no skin on my palm and a bloody foot to prove it. It wasn’t too funny then but its funny now. I haven’t seen my friend since Christmas and she’d only been in my driveway for about 15 seconds.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I don’t think anyone’ll be able to top Amber’s. Close your contest and give her the necklace now.

  18. Can I vote for His Girl? She deserves a necklace for airborne unmentionables.

    Yesterday I was vigorously doing my exercises in the privacy of my own home (you know, up a stair, down a stair. Up a stair, down a stair). I was inspired, swinging my arms HUGELY and huffing and puffing when I realized my 8 year old son had been sitting, reading, a few feet away and watching the whole thing in horror.

  19. I pulled over because I thought my blinker wasn’t working properly (it was) and a policeman stopped to make sure I was okay. I said I was, I pulled out of the parking lot and went on my way, as did he. About fifty feet down the road he put on his lights and sirens. I pulled over, thinking he needed to get by me for an emergency. NOPE – he was pulling me over – for the missing right-side mirror, that has been missing for a YEAR and no one has pulled me over in all that time, that he didn’t even NOTICE the first time. So yeah. Recap – I pulled over to check my improper equipment and this officer then pulled me over and cited me for other improper equipment. AWESOME.

  20. I know you said you would pick the winner at random, you did not ask us to weigh in but I can’t help myself, I vote for Amber; anyone who has to chase her unmentionables across the parking lot in front of God and everyone deserves more than a necklace but since the necklace is all you are offering, I think you should give her the necklace! Oh, and Amber enjoy your aniversary weekend – you earned it!!

  21. Something funny? Oldest son starts kinder on Monday. As we were walking into school to meet the teacher, I started crying. The ugly cry. Almost out of control. Maybe that is just embarrasing. It was funny to me once I got my crying under control! 🙂

  22. I don’t have any funny story to tell – but it was good to read yours and some of the other comments. Blessings!

  23. I don’t have a funny story but I think I have had a week like you. I helped pack and unpack my two children going to college. One is a senior and one is a freshman. What a week! I just don’t understand why there are apartments and dormitory buildings have stairs! Up and Down, Up and Down! Exhausted! Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I’ve had the most fun all week reading the comments. With children that don’t seem to understand “get your school work done, now..” it kinda drains all the humor out of one’s day(s).

    Here’s hoping that Amber gets the necklace…

  25. Because my 4 year old’s new favorite word is “BUTT” and when I tell her it isn’t a nice lady-like word she tells me, “But it is fun to say and Daddy taught it to me.” LOVELY!!

  26. I washed my car when I saw that someone wrote “Sud” on the back.

    Turns out my own kid had written ‘Sup!?

  27. I was painting my classroom today to make it fresher and more cheerful. When I sat on the floor to paint the bottom of the wall, I sat in a puddle of light teal paint. I had to walk around the rest of the day with a large paint stain on the seat of my khaki shorts. I was given many compliments on the color I was wearing!

  28. My child announced loudly, in a crowded Target bathroom, where my p*n*s was. Then he went on to ask how a worm pees if it doesn’t have a p*n*s. Maybe it just pushes it in and comes out his booty? Where did mine go? And on and on with the privates talk. Gotta love these bathroom philosophical and anatomical discussions.

  29. Because of a custody hearing, nothing much funny has happened this week, because I don’t think anything is funny until I know (because I may lose my mind waiting to hear that I’ve got Victory with Jesus…because I can’t train my son in the way he should go, because he has autism and Jesus would get a double victory if I got him AND Jesus gets him too by his choice). Great, now I’m overusing because! Good grief!

    The funniest thing that’s happened all week has been that we found out another military move will take us from nearish you (airport code AUG) to nearish HisGirl (except the ocean and all, but will give me my honeymoon I never had!). Anyway, I’m unpacking the boxes that we left packed because we moved six months ago, then moved again two months later. This time, they’ll have to UNPACK EVERYTHING. So, I’m unpacking. If I don’t unpack, three things happen:
    1. I’ll transfer stuff for a third time that I intended to take to the thrift store.
    2. We’ll be overweight because we had to buy a fridge for the house we lived in off post.
    3. We’ll never be able to figure out where anything is…
    and that is why this is funny.
    When you’re unpacking boxes, and find boots wrapped individually. In separate boxes. With random stuff like candles.
    A potty training toilet that I thought I’d gotten rid of when my daughter finished with it (who saw it and immediately begged to give it one last use). My daughter’s first Christmas Barbie (Bob Mackie 2006) on top of a carefully wrapped floral wreath.
    A shredder shoved upside down into a paper bag full of things that need shredding.
    A mudwasp nest.
    Pencils wrapped in paper.
    The list goes on…
    but I promise it’s all silly.
    I’m just glad that the Army paid for it and not me, well, except the income tax that they take out of military pay to pay military.
    Thanks for my non-military friends for helping drive me crazy.
    Luckily, I can get counseling for that through our military insurance…
    Oh, and my cat helped me do laundry by watching the washer fill up with water then coming to meow at me because she wanted the sink turned on to get a drink. She’s weird like that.

  30. I, too, vote for Amber, though! (this doesn’t count as an entry because there’s no reason to enter anyway because she should win because her story is hilarious and there go the becauses again…)

  31. Last Sunday we were on a family day trip, traveling just over the border, and I was forced to use a not-so-clean toilet. (Mer would be totally grossed out by that bathroom!) I carefully used 2 strips toilet paper (that I supplied myself) as a seat cover. When I was finished I was sure that those strips of t.p. fell into the toilet. What I did not know is that one of them actually was hanging on and had caught on the waist band of my undergarment then was hanging out the top of my jeans. I apparently walked back to the car like that, then into a restaurant for breakfast. I, nor other members of my family noticed my trailing train of toilet paper UNTIL I got up from the table after we ate. That’s when my son said, “Um Mom, is that….. toilet paper?”

    If you randomly pick me I’ll give you a US address to send it to.

  32. I lost the dried berries I bought for my oatmeal. I was convinced I left them at the checkout. Found ’em today…in the fridge…where I’ve already looked three times this week. Sigh. Now I’m worried I have early onset Alzheimers. And I dreamed I lost my car.

  33. Well, it’s my birthday today.

    Oh, you said something funny, not depressing.

    How about this. My son asked me how old I was today. When I said 42, he replied “Wow, that’s almost 100!”


    Obviously I have limited use for the necklace (I just don’t have the right shoes to go with it), so I also vote for Amber.

  34. Read your post on Friday while at the beach and thought “Nope – nothing funny enough here that I can think of.” But alas a week at the beach with my kids and niece and nephew and something is bound to come up – so yesterday while packing to come home my 20 month old niece was rooting around in some bathroom drawers and emerges with a feminine hygeine product with the wrapper half chewed off – saying “cheese peese open.” She thought she had found a cheese stick.

  35. Bumped my head on the microwave door that I left open.
    Bumped my head on the counter overhang after getting up from sweeping something.
    Ran into the side of my bed and killed my thigh.
    – I’ve been a little klutzy!
    I also nursed my infant in carpool line.
    Tried to show my 6 year old tricks on a skateboard.

    Everything else is a blur… 🙂

    I hope your next week is awesome and thank you!

  36. I vote for the underwear story, too. Nothing happened to me that was remotely that funny.

  37. Ok, I’ll bite for it. Hmmm…it is the month of fasting here. They celebrate not eating all day by having a big meal at sundown. One of the typical foods eaten are dates. Soooo, we went out for a meal and our buddy, the restaurant guy, gave us a plate of dates. My 2 year old ate them. The entire date. I told the restaurant owner not to worry, the pit would re-appear tomorrow. 🙂 He liked that and somehow we were able to say it in Turkish. Have a good day, Sus!

  38. Well, in the carpool line Thursday morning before school the song “Love Shack” came on and of course I turned it up since I am a morning person of course…my oldest son asked “Mommy, is this Eminen?” ” It sounds like him…”

    Cleary I have have a bit more to teach in our music history conversations…

  39. It’s way past the 8:00 deadline, & I too think Amber deserves the necklace, & I already have one very similar (though yours is much prettier). But to add to sharing humor, I had a couple yesterday:
    1) I lit the unity candle in the wedding ceremony… not just MY candle, but the one in the middle that the couple is supposed to light. Fortunately the bride’s mom said, “I think they’re supposed to light that one…” Being somewhat vertically challenged, I knew I could not reach high enough to blow it out; so since she was a good bit taller, I said, “Right. Blow it out.” So she did.
    2) Got to see my son receive “payback”: When his sister got married 15 years ago, he filled her “get-away” car with feathers (as in, from several feather pillows!) Then a month later when her best friend (who was like a second sister to him since she lived with us for a while), got married, he helped her friend’s brother fill her “get-away” car with crickets! So he really had something coming. He has a big SUV, & it “got filled” with shredded paper & packing peanuts… clear to the top inside! When he opened the door, they started falling out & he had to brush enough out for his bride to be able to get in.
    Having a good laugh is healthy for all of us, & some of these made me healthier tonight!

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