Monday Musings

We had a good weekend with Mr. CPQ’s side of the family in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  It was cool and rainy and perfect weather for coffee sipping on the back deck that had the railings down for needed repairs.

And I thought I was nervous at the Grand Canyon.


On Saturday the menfolk took off for Jukebox Junction, a hamburger joint one town over, and my mother-in-law and I went to a quiet little restaurant for some girl time and we sipped chai and watched the rain through the windows.

We also went browsing at the general store with the creaking wooden floors and the basement full of open candy barrels .

They have some of my favorites there such as the Pop Rocks that we never dared to drink with a Diet Coke for fear that our mouths would explode and we would die like that kid that everyone talked about but no one knew where he lived.

They have Bit-O-Honey, which is my mom’s signature candy.

On long car rides, Mom would give us Bit-o-Honeys and Peanut Butter logs, mainly because I think they would stick to our teeth and we’d be quiet for fifteen minutes.

The store has something for every occasion.

And things that are good for what ails you.

Later that afternoon, Mr. CPQ and I had an hour to venture out together and as is par for the course we went to the grocery store and perused the aisle (there’s only one) for some jams and jellies to take back home.

Cool beans - never seen any like them before

Mr. CPQ bought unrefrigerated meat and dairy products…

While I did a double take over in canned goods….

And a good time was had by all.

Have a nice day.


PS – Winner of the Freebie Friday necklace is Mary from Ridiculous Lab.  Congratulations, Mary!

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Timestamp: 2010-08-23 12:29:03 UTC


12 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. A good outing just isn’t complete without frog jam.

  2. Ah, if there was only back in the day. We never would have mourned the death of Alfonzo Ribiero, been afraid of LSD-laced tattoos, or had nightmares about poprocks and soda.

    cool store. now I have to google ‘gout rocker.’

  3. At first, I was like, eewWWWwWW! Jam made out of FROGS? The OLD-FASHIONED WAY? You mean, there is a NEW way? UGH!

    Then I read the ingredients.

    Oh. 😉

    hehe Good one!!!

  4. You had me at “perfect weather for coffee sipping on the back deck”.

    Wish I could’ve come! I love me an old fashioned barrel-candy store in the basement!

  5. Sounds like a good time…steppin’ over the dog on the porch and a squeeky front screened door with a bell-kind of good time.

  6. Sounds like a good time…steppin’ over the dog on the store porch and a squeeky front screened door with a bell-kind of good time.

  7. Your weekend sound so relaxing (except for the missing deck railing part)! Barrel candy without children to restrain sounds nice, too!

  8. Woohoo – go me! Thank you so much! I will email you my address. Looks like the week is starting off on the right foot!

  9. Or maybe not – I can’t find your email address. If you want to contact me, mine is

    Thanks again!

  10. Your weekend was as relaxed as mine was hectic, but both in a good way. Sounds like a fun way to spend some time for everyone (especially w/out kids in the candy section… we usually end up spending about $40 when they are w/us in there!)

  11. YAY…another edition of ‘grocery shopping with Mr. CPQ’…I love these episodes!

    I’ll pass on the Frog Jam. Makes you wonder who thought that was a good idea.

    Glad you had a nice weekend!

  12. I want to go visit your in-laws! I love those little stores!

    My mom loves Bit O’Honeys, too. And Mary Janes and BB Bats. BB Bats are hard to find these days. (If you need some, they have them at Cracker Barrel.)

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