In which I consume an a-maizing amount of corn products

It was Groundhog Day at Casa de Carpool.  Around noon I received a tweet from Heather asking if I was up for visiting my Mexican grocery store again for lunch so that I could properly translate her order so she’d get the shredded chicken taco instead of the cow brains.    And since I’m not one to ever forgo the opportunity to eat tortillas, I agreed to meet her there because it wasn’t enough that I ate tortillas yesterday for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast again this morning.

I ate the exact same thing I had Tuesday minus the fiery green sauce and plus some baked goods then wandered the aisles holding Squishy Baby while Heather bought Mexican cokes for her daughter’s upcoming birthday.

Heather's babies

Then we went to A.C.Moore to peruse the yarn aisle and talk about projects that we wanted to do and yet lacked the requisite skill to do them.  This is pretty much standard for the two of us, though she’s the craftier one and I just pretend to be crafty because I like to hang out with her.

Our A.C. Moore experience was much nicer than when she and I went to Jo-Anne Fabrics last week and talked about sewing even though I don’t own a machine and couldn’t tell you an A-line from an A-bomb.  We didn’t stay there very long because we kept getting twitchy looks from those Jo-Anne ladies who immediately pegged us as rank amateurs and made us feel very unworthy to darken their doors because our craft project did not involve words like “selvage” or “serger”.

So we shook off the dust from our sandals and went to get yogurt because everyone knows and understands “extra-large with sprinkles, por favor.”

Have a nice day.

9 responses to “In which I consume an a-maizing amount of corn products

  1. I would go eat lunch with you every day, if you could promise me I would not get the cow brains! I had carne asada tacos today and I think I am going to dream about them they are so good!

  2. Interesting: I got so fed up w/the treatment @ AC Moore’s last week that I wrote a letter/email to describe my experience. I got a response from the manager, & he said the employee had been talked to about it. But it wasn’t just one person, rather the “I-don’t-care-about-the customer” attitude of all the employees. I’ve never felt they cared much, but it seems to have gotten worse, & the check-out clerk was just rude. So I’ll just be going to Michaels from now on. I’m surprised that you got that feeling at JoAnn’s, though I sense there that the employees feel like they never have enough help.
    It amazes me that so often clerks seem to not want the customers there, yet if “we” weren’t there, they wouldn’t have a job… I always try to have a pleasant conversation with clerks & I’m thankful that I’m not in their place. But w/some, you just can’t make it happen!

  3. Yes…I try to buy my fun foam, modge podge, and pipe cleaners at Michaels. They are way less judgmental.

    But…JoAnns does give a teacher discount, so sometimes I just have to buck it up and throw in some needles and bobbins as a distraction.

  4. Found a small Mexican market about 3 miles from my house where they make corn tortillas right in front of you. A-maz-ing.

  5. You’re too, too kind my dear CPQ! I say we make it a trifecta and go again today! Maybe I’ll try to use my Spanglish and order for myself….since I rarely order anything more exotic than taco de pollo and taco de azada. 🙂 I love that store and what I love even more is watching you converse and shop. Thanks for humoring me and letting me tag along. I had a blast…and the kids talked about it all afternoon. I think Squishy Baby would have gone home with you…

    Ah…Jo-Ann. How I love to loathe thee. The thing that bugs me about JA is that they do have stiff competition with fabric stores on the interwebs. Por exemplo, the craft felt that we were there to buy–I can find it cheaper AND higher quality (i.e. wool and not nasty polyester) on the web. The only reason I shop at JA is for convenience sake. I got the impression that I was seriously impeding on their work time by asking where the craft felt was. All they needed to do was smile and say “aisle 7.” No need for the huff and implied rolling of the eyes. Thanks, but I’ll be ordering from and paying the extra $$ at Wish Upon a Quilt where the employees actually want to help.

    Wow. That sounded really crabby. Maybe I need another one of those guava pasteries…

  6. I have a sewing machine. It was in storage while we were overseas but it is now out and I walk by it and sometimes think, wow, I should open that machine and whip something up. Or I should take some lessons because I’m so rusty. Or I should just do something. Anything really. That’s pretty much how my brain works these days.

    I need Mexican food.

  7. You are a crafty person, you’re not giving yourself enough credit. Egg topiaries anyone?

    I vote Jo-Ann Fabrics over Michaels. They seem to actually train their staff members. A novel concept for Michaels.

  8. Yes, you are a crafty person. If you can knit stuffed animals, you can make anything!

    I prefer the craft stores to the Mexican market. Even while there with a native Spanish-speaker, I felt like an intruder.

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