Five on Friday

1.  I think I made it through the entire week without a list, and that’s just not cricket.

2.  I went to the dentist’s office yesterday to pick up my Valium prescription.  Yes, it’s time to start singing “Crown me with many crowns” because I’ll be going in next week for two of them plus 5 fillings, and yes, I did just say goodbye to Hollywood any plans for a meaningful vacation for the next year, but hey, at least I’ll still be able to eat corn on the cob when I’m 90.


3.  I also went to the eyebrow waxing place for the first time since I got them threaded.

Which was four months ago.

Which is how long it’s taken for them to grow back.

I will never complain about wax burns again.

4.  Speaking of burning, I think my sense of smell has gotten wonky because I sense that something’s burning all the time.

Or maybe it’s a sign that I need to clean the toaster crumb tray, the burners on my stove, the dryer hose, and the air vents.

5.  Speaking of cleaning, I need to find something fresh and unwrinkled appropriate to wear on our date tonight.  Mr. CPQ and I are going to Bonefish Grill to have dinner with people I don’t know, and it’s always challenging for me to figure out what to wear when I don’t know the other woman’s style.

Not that  I’m insecure.

It’ll be a great time.

Have a nice day.


17 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. I think about you everytime that I walk by the threading kiosk. And I may a really big step in the other direction… They aren’t getting me!!

  2. Love Bonefish! You see everything there, but I’ve noticed that no one seems to dress up much for anywhere anymore. I’m sure you’ll look smashing in whatever you wear!

  3. Love Bonefish! Too bad you don’t have that gold jacket anymore.

  4. Wear heels you feel good in. Pan-Asian style seabass…yum!

  5. Ooohh, I like Bonefish Grill. I think we will be dining on hotdogs at the ballpark. Also good.

    The dentist sounds miserable. On the bright side, I’m pretty sure there will be blog fodder in there somewhere.

  6. vonda livingston

    Oh Bonefish is GREAT! Love that shrimp appetizer and the sea bass is good too! And girl you wear whatever you wanna wear…your man will think you’re beautiful no matter what and that’s all that matters!

  7. I love Bonefish too . . . pretty much any food besides peanut butter sandwiches sounds good to me since my hubby (aka cook) has been out of town all week 🙂

    Oh and I love that you need to clean everything to get rid of the burning smell . . . have i mentioned that while we’re living with our parents we have a cleaning lady?! 🙂 wohoo (it might be the only good thing . . . silver lining)

  8. Love Bonefish ! There is an appetizer there that is to die for and I can’t think of the name!! UGH! Oh well.
    You know….we’ve been going out with a lot of “get to know you” kind of couples lately. I just LOVE it when the other lady is a little more down to earth with her style. Puts me right at ease and I seem to get a better impression of that person. Maybe it’s because I’ve been caught with cobwebs in my hair (I just don’t think to take a broom to our walls too often) or a stain from the jelly that dripped off my pb and j from lunch. Harder when the other lady has just come from an all day Spa experience. You seem to be someone that can pull off dressing up or going “dress casual” and are still “put together”. Actually….you seem to be the kind of “put me at ease” kind of gal so I’m sure whatever you wear will be just great!

  9. Just wear something that YOU feel good in! And have fun!

  10. Your eyebrows will be all the divaness you will need. Who will even notice your clothes??

  11. You always look awesome (smokin’ hot comes to mind).

    Threading might be worth the pain if it lasts that long…I’m just sayin’

  12. I am sure you will look adorable on your date night. With your sweet and funny personality, who will even notice your clothes!!!! Have fun.

  13. If only you still had that gold jacket. . .

  14. o-KAY! . . . so apparently i’m the only one who HASN’T heard of bonefish. and i haven’t heard of threading, either — & i’m pretty sure i’d like to keep it that way. (*cringe*)

  15. Don’t worry about what to wear. They will be wowed by your fabulous eyebrows!
    Or just go ahead and take a Valium. Either works for me.

  16. I figured it out! You know who you sound like, in blogworld? A grown up Junie B. Jones! I always knew I liked you. 🙂

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