Let’s just rename this the Fail Blog

I would blog today, but I have no power.

I mean, literally, no power.

The lights blanked two hours ago along with all my plans for productivity because I was going to hit the ground running this morning and accomplish great and mighty things before meeting my friend Samantha for lunch, but now I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to show up quasi-presentable and hopefully without smelling rank.

Fortunately, we’re meeting at a hole in the wall Mexican joint and there’s no way I’m divulging the name of it for fear that someone else I know will show up to see my unwashed hair that got slept on funny.

In addition to power fail, I also have canning fail to report. Mr. CPQ and I went to the farmer’s market yesterday and bought a half bushel of peaches and spent hours peeling, cooking, and water bathing only to have an epic pectin fiasco.

On the bright side, C was able to salvage the peach goo and turn it into a habanero peach BBQ sauce that will knock your socks off and I’ll get added experience in perfecting my jamming technique because after freezing six quarts and canning three pints, I still have over half the box left so I’m going to try, try again. (And can anyone tell me how to avoid having all the peach bits float to the top of the jar?)

Peaches and Habanero. The habanero juice got on the cutting board, which got on the apple, which was my snack, which ruined it.

This weekend also held kitchen timer fails (I ended up with meatball hockey pucks and bricks of banana bread), a wardrobe malfunction (that caused me to be late to Sunday School), and a mishap with killing a spider that sent hundreds of her just hatched babies scurrying through my laundry room.


Other than that, i don’t have a lot to report. Hopefully the lights will come on soon so I can upload some pictures and in the interim, I’m going to throw on some presentable clothes and head out for lunch.

Because when it comes to meeting friends for chips and queso, failure is not an option.

Have a nice day.

Updated – 2:00 p.m.

Power’s back on.Β  YAY!

14 responses to “Let’s just rename this the Fail Blog

  1. I want to thank you for having a floating fruit problem that provided me with an excuse to Google. You know how much I love a good Google search. Here are my initial findings:

    “After it starts to firm, let it stand for five to ten minutes and then stir completely for several minutes before you put the lids on to prevent fruit from floating. Or just accept that you’ll need to stir the jam when you first open the jar to use.”

    “Floating Fruit
    A common problem in canning peaches is “floating fruit.” Even when fruit is packed tightly into the jars and the air bubbles have been removed, raw packed foods will float. There is air in the tissue of all fruits when they are raw. When heated the first time, the air is driven off and the food shrinks. If you are using the raw pack method of filling jars, there is no way you can avoid having the fruit float. Another problem with raw packing is that you lose juice from the jars into the boiling water bath because of the vigorous boiling which happens in the jar. When the excess juice is escaping from the jars, sometimes tiny food fibers float along with the juices and get lodged between the jar and the sealing compound of the lid causing sealing failure. Jars will also be sticky from the syrup. Raw packing is a safe method but results in a poorer product.

    Other causes of floating fruit include improper syrup concentrations and jars lids turned too tightly. Heavy sugar syrups will cause fruit to float more than medium or light syrup or juice packs. Jars lids screwed down too tightly will prevent proper venting and may cause fruit to float. Screw bands only comfortably tight-don’t force them.”

    “Q. Why does canned fruit sometimes float in jars?

    A. Fruit may float because pack is too loose or syrup too heavy, or because some air remains in tissues of the fruit after heating and processing.”


    Your Friend Who Loves to Google

  2. to keep the fruit from floating, we always turn the jars upside-down every so often why they are cooling. after they stay upside-down for a little while, flip back over. repeat if necessary!

  3. You had a busy day. Spiders weirded me out. One bit my eye once. We have power outages so often, I am not sure I could survive without being able to shoot the breeze with the neighbors about the power being off. It’s real fun when you live on the 6th floor and the elevators don’t work and you have a porky pig for a son who still rides in a stroller.

  4. And now I know how to deal with floating fruit when I can! THANKS!!! This is great!

  5. Have you tried freezing your fruit? I gave up ‘canning’ years ago when I found freezing so successful. I simply peel the peaches and remove the stone then slice them and put them in a small amount of cold water in my saucepan. Bring them to just boiling then strain them out and let them cool. Place the slices in plastic bags and squeeze the air out before popping them into your freezer. Occasionally I use the plastic ‘take away’ tubs instead of plastic bags. The fruit is great for months (in fact I’ve had some for over a year and it’s still great). No more messy canning for me. Blessings!

  6. Floating fruit…probably should have googled that. I’ll know for next time πŸ˜€

    So sorry for all the mishaps..especially the spider babies…ewwww!

  7. You lost me at “spider” and “hatched babies scurrying”…no seriously I could read no further.

    Don’t worry, I’ll be OK.

  8. So sorry to hear about your epic peach fail. Bet it would make a great sauce for over ice cream, though. I just read on someone’s blog that two parts peach jam + 1 part bbq sauce makes an awesome bbq sauce. I’ve been eating some of my peach/blackberry jam as a sauce over chocolate ice cream. Very decadent (insert evil smile here).

  9. Yum to canned goods. Skin now crawling with mental image of spiders.

  10. Did the spider look anything like this?

    This is a picture of a wolf spider with hundreds of baby spiders on its back, sitting outside our front door.

    Gives me the heebies AND the jeebies.

  11. Now I want some peach jam. And cobbler.

  12. You are a brave woman to even try!

  13. Uh, I was feeling a little bit sad for all your blunders until I read the scattered spider babies part…and then I felt VERY SCARED for you!!!

    Girl, that alone would have done me in…

  14. I feel your pain re: no power. We have not had water today. Can we say yuck! I never realized how much water we use daily. Thank goodness for baby wipes. πŸ™‚ Glad your power came on in the same day…here’s hoping my water gets fixed tomorrow.

    Oh, and baby spiders are gross…how did you kill them all?

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