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Gone Fishing

Well, not really fishing because I don’t like to take wriggly things off sharp hooks…..

I cleaned like a madwoman yesterday in an attempt to get the house livable enough for my in-laws who will be here caring for the kiddos while Mr. CPQ and I head to Hilton Head for a few days of flip-flopping on the beach.

How do crumbs get in a clean silverware drawer?

I’ll be taking a little bloggy break while I’m gone, and I’ll see you next week when I get back.

Have a nice day.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I left the boys at their grandparents’ house and drove back to Raleigh yesterday.  I always have mixed emotions when they stay there without me.  I feel guilty for leaving them, anxious for them to behave appropriately every.single.minute, worried that the grownups will have the strength to care for Travis for an extended period of time, and concerned that twenty years from now one of them will be on a therapy couch telling their counselor about their abandonment issues.

Or maybe I should be the one on the therapy couch.

ANYWAY, the point of this story is to say that I didn’t realize until I pulled into my driveway four hours later that I had not turned the radio on the entire drive and, other than a couple of phone calls,  had enjoyed four hours of complete and utter silence.


I got home a little before six, jumped in the shower and threw on some going out clothes and met Heather at the hospital where we went to welcome our friend Rebecca’s freshly hatched baby to the world.

Isn’t she beautiful? I had fun holding her and listening to those sweet little baby sighs, and then Heather had to pry her out of my arms I returned her before the urge to sneak her out of the hospital got too strong.

And then Mr. CPQ and I went out to eat a lovely meal at a grown-up restaurant  with cloth napkins and I remembered why I was done having babies.

Have a nice day.

What I’ve Learned

1. I learned that I am a little obsessed with bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers. I drove for 9 hours today and all I could think about was the sweet, spicy, smokey flavor of these little beauties that Whimzie and I made.

Actually, Whimzie did most of the work. I showed her my hangnails and we decided it might be best if I stayed away from the slicing and de-seeding prep work.

I did NOT, however, stay away from the taste testing.

2. I learned that the floorboards of my car can absorb a 20 ounce coke.

3. I learned that a couple of my eleven year olds couldn’t absorb that spilled coke needed to be cleaned up.


4. I learned that certain gas stations carry Blue Bell Ice Cream in a snack-size.

And those three little ounces of Homemade Vanilla were the only things that stood between me and the 6:00 news after we had a little too much togetherness during the trip.

5. And lastly, I learned that we need to work on our vocabulary skills. We were seated around my mother-in-law’s dinner table when Tommy casually mentioned that JJ had homophobia. When I asked him if he knew what that meant, he told me of course he did; it meant JJ missed home.

You learn something new every day.

Audio Post

CPQ from the road (Audio Post)

Coming to you from the second floor of a hotel in the middle of nowhere…..

Have a nice day.

Ranger Rick Kitchen Tip

It would be smart to label things as you put them in the freezer and not rely on appearance alone to jog your memory.

Hence the discovery that the seasoned and carefully prepared pork roast was actually beef.

Have a nice day.

My Mother Asks Sus

Sus, this is your mother.  Why haven’t you called me in a week?

I know we talk almost every single day, Mom, but the boys have been on break and they’ve caused me to use up my word allotment by noon and I’m too wiped out to speak.  Most of those words used have been futile attempts at conveying the importance of daily showers, but yesterday I actually said “Please stop throwing grapes into your tomato soup to see how far the splash will go.”

Sus, are you taking your vitamins?  They’ll keep you healthy and strong, you know.

Next question.

Well, I’ll take care of the vitamin thing when I come see you next month.  What else will we do while we’re there?

Can I count on you to help me clean my microwave?

Just kidding.


You’ll definitely need to come with your appetite.  Your son-in-law is already thinking of the menu plan and it’s pretty grill-centric.  I’m also hoping we’ll do a little outlet shopping and maybe some decorating while you’re here because the decor or lack of it hasn’t changed since the last time you were here.

That sounds like fun.  Look, honey, I need to run meet my friends at the hospital cafeteria for lunch because it’s tortilla soup day, but before I go, I need to ask you one last question.  Jerseylicious?  Really?

I knew you’d have something to say about that, Mom.  I promise it was the first and only episode I’d ever seen.  I happened to run across it flipping channels and was fascinated by the train wreck.  In a way it reminded me a lot of the hair salon back home except without the outrageous accents, the head wagging and the catfights out in the parking lot.

I redeemed those thirty minutes by staying up until 1 a.m. watching Charlie Rose interview President Ahma-however-you-spell-it on PBS last night.

Don’t you feel better now?

I love you, Mom.

Have a nice day.