It’s tricky

1.  It was a little tricky, but I managed to eat only brown food yesterday.  It started with chai and a pecan braid at Panera for breakfast, moved to a sandwich and seasoned french fries for lunch, and ended with peach cobbler for dessert at supper and breakfast this morning.

2.  I wish I knew the trick to motivate myself to clean.  I spent two hours up at the church cleaning out and organizing an office space that I’ll be using for an upcoming event, yet I can’t seem to find the two seconds it takes to pick up the dirty socks in my living room floor.

3. For my next  trick I am going to find and catch my quasi-feral cat and stuff him in a box, go through carpool line listening to him howl and hiss, then pick up my quasi-feral children and take everyone to the vet.

4.  I learned the trick that to make good peach butter, you have to stir every ten minutes.

Unfortunately, I learned that trick at minute twelve when I went to stir for the first time and everything burned on the bottom of the pan.

5.  I got tricked when I walked into the communal bathroom at my lunch stop yesterday.

I assumed her to be female.

He was not.

But smiled anyway when I said, “Have a nice day, ma’am.”


13 responses to “It’s tricky

  1. hahaha!! our motivation to clean always come when we have people over. we keep saying that’s why we’re social. 🙂 if you are social enough and dirty enough, it forces you to clean up a little, but not be overly conscious, Martha Stewart, come look at my clean beautiful house perfect. it keeps you somewhat clean AND humble.

    (we’ve worked for years on the balanced system between clean and humble. i only hope it can help you as well. . . . .)

  2. Seeing my Aunt this summer – she just kept saying how she remembers how much I always loved cleaning up her kitchen. I wish it weren’t the case, but I do enjoy helping clean everywhere but my own home (why having company does help). It just doesn’t feel rewarding when the second the house is clean someone spills a drink 5 minutes after mopping. Never fails…. Ugh….I gotta stop talking about cleaning… It just gets me going on and on and on…

  3. Oh my goodness, you cracked me up today. But seriously, I can clean up other spaces like nobody’s business, but my own house? nope . . .

    and all brown food? sounds like a delicious day to me!

  4. The trick to motivating yourself to clean…throw a dinner party! It’s why we invite people over.

  5. Chai and peach cobbler. I love you.

    And, btw you were one of the first to rsvp. Sad it was a no, but impressed with your responsivenesssssss

  6. Hmm… all brown day eh? If it were me I’d have certainly put dark chocolate on the list. These days I restrict myself to the sugarless variety but it’s still choccky! Love it! As for house cleaning – minimum is my motto since my kids were old enough to walk on two feet – it’s been steadily declining since then – the regularity of cleaning I mean. The winter is bad news for me – come spring and I’ll want to clean everything in sight – till the heat of summer rolls around then I’ll be back to my bad habits. Have a great day!

  7. You make me laugh.

    And we all know that in life, when your jam won’t jell, make peach cobbler.

    or something like that.

  8. Can you post your peach butter recipe one day?

  9. We had peach cobbler too!!!

  10. Seriously??? You were in a communal bathroom with a guy that looked like a girl?? AND you called him, “ma’am”??!!

    That’s it. No need to read another blog for a week, no need to check facebook…you have the funniest story, ever! How do these things keep happening to you??

  11. I’ve had a crappy week. And now I’m reminded of why I need to read blogs.
    Because laughter is good therapy.

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