In which I store nuts for winter

We had an uneventful ride home from the dentist during which I apparently heaved in the front seat but a) I don’t remember any of it, and b) Mr. CPQ is no stranger to taking me home post-surgery so he was prepared with a trash bag even if it did have a hole in it.

He was NOT prepared when he brought me home the first time following a little outpatient  procedure when we were newly married and living in Northern Virginia,  and I christened his brand spanking new Ford Explorer for the TWENTY-TWO miles it took to get home.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing our vows were fresh on his mind.

And that he’d paid extra for the Scotch Guard.

Mr. CPQ says he took good care of me even though I don’t remember a thing.  I must have been with it enough to type because I found four emails on my iPhone that I don’t recall sending nor do I remember taking this picture of the apparently delicious dinner that he made me.

I did remember that earlier in the week I’d made arrangements to have coffee with June and Kellie on Saturday and I had jokingly told June to prepare to see me in a post-narcotic haze but I was NOT prepared to look like  a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon what with the cheeks that looked like they contained pregnant watermelons.


Just lovely.

Exactly what I want all of June’s 873492875987502936509587 readers to see.

I think we had a nice time but I was still under the influence and don’t recall much of our conversation.

I’m sure that didn’t stop me from participating.

Have a nice day.

11 responses to “In which I store nuts for winter

  1. Wow! You poor thing. I love your sense of humor about it & I heartily admire your courage in posting the balloon-cheek pic. Or perhaps you were still under the influence? 😉

  2. Awww feeling sorry for you! And so far you’re in luck – June hasn’t gotten any photos posted yet but I think you just outted yourself. But that’s ok, we love you, chipmunk cheeks and all!

  3. You don’t remember the part where we made out?

  4. the picture is actually so cute! You look about 12! 🙂
    You are so brave. I am finding strength (a tiny bit) to go to the dentist myself……….

  5. I freakin’ hate the dentist and only WISH they would have given me the gas when I was there. I start gagging as soon as I put the car in park in front of their office.

    And totally jealous that you met up with June!

  6. I discovered after my last surgery, when I was given some new anti nausea medication which apparently is wonderful for 99.9% of the world, that I am allergic to it. How did I find this out? By having extreme nausea and sickness. They kept pumping me full of this new wonder drug which would make me sick all over again. Finally, I begged them to give me the OLD stuff and voila! I was fine. Go figure.

    It’s awful to have something done and then be sick on top of it!

    You look beautiful though! Seriously, you do not look like you had anything done and I’ll bet you had fun with June and Kellie. Laughter is the best medicine and all that…

  7. Glad you’ve bounced back quickly – hope you don’t have any more of those ‘super dentist visits’ in the near future!

  8. Oh my goodness! But you are done with that and still made fun memories out of an event we all like to avoid – the dentist. Isn’t it just great to be on the other side of that appointment???

    Oh…and we missed you at Gretchen’s the other night! 🙂

  9. The collagen goes in your lips, not your cheeks!

  10. Junes comment made me choke on my peanut butter and peach butter sandwich! So funny!

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