Three things Thursday

I know it’s opening a can of worms to post the next three pictures because everybody has a different style but I’m in need of replacing an accent chair in my living room because the boys took one too many flying leaps and my mother is coming to visit soon and will need a place to sit.

These are my candidates (and I’m iffy on the no-arm thing).

I feel slightly insecure right now because I think they’re all cute and I want you to like me and not be horrified by my taste, but I’m not sure which one is speaking my name loudest so if you have any opinions, feel free to share, especially those of you who come visit my house and would be sitting in it.

Because interior decorating is my least favorite thing to do.

Other than clean the bathrooms.

Have a nice day.


37 responses to “Three things Thursday

  1. I like the one with the arms. And they are all cute.

  2. I like the first one because it is similar to my bedroom fabrics, but I love the whimsical flowers in the third one. The second is too contemporary for my taste, but I bet it would be cute in the right setting. I also like the one just to the left of the first one. The one with the red in it. But obviously that is not one of your choices. That’s just how I operate. I pick the one that was never a part of the contest. Good luck!

  3. What does the rest of your living room look like?

    • Umm, eclectic? It will be matching a dark brown leather 3-cushion sofa with clean lines and shaker-style end tables on a latte colored frisee carpet.

      And Legos and toy trains and stray socks.

  4. The third for sure. Where is that chair – I think I need it myself??!!

  5. They’re all cute, but I like the third one because of the arms. I love the fabric on the second one. The first one I don’t like as much, although it’s pretty.

  6. Seeing that we seem to end up with a lot of similar items in our households (furniture, dinnerware, multiple children with one pregnancy, etc.), here’s my take based on what I know of your and/or our decorating tastes:

    #1 – fabric and colors are a little too old school. And you probably need arms if the chair is not going to be one of several in a grouping.
    #2 – colors are good, but the fabric is trying too hard to be hip/modern. And again, needs arms.
    #3 – fabric seems to be a good combination of a modern floral and a modern, but subdued, background pattern. Colors would add a little pop, without overpowering the room. The arms give it more structure as a stand alone piece.

    So I vote #3.

  7. #3 is my fav, #1 is 2nd place. I actually like modern but I’m not crazy about #2.
    Let us know what you choose ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I like #3 best, but I do not know what else you have. If I was 1/2 a creative as you are with words I would worry about how me house looked. love, n.

  9. I leaft out the not in the last sentence in 1st post. n.

  10. I like number 3. Must have arms. How would I sit in a chair with no arms? No where to throw my leg over while I watch TV? Not easy to snuggle in either. Arms. Mandatory. Flowers – cute:)

  11. I prefer chairs with arms but they are all very cute. You have GREAT taste!!

  12. Number three. Looking forward to sitting in it someday. Maybe June. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I vote for chair number 3 – with it’s current legs – cute and a nice balance to the leather sofa.

  14. How sad is it that I saw the floor and thought “She’s shopping at Pier 1”? I am generally a follower, but I was gonna say #3 before I read all the comments. I’m glad that I don’t stick out like someone with bad taste. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Number 3..I have to have a chair with arms..otherwise, what do I do with mine? (I love the fabric on number 3, too)

    I think ‘imnotned’ needs to give a seminar on interior design to all your blog readers. This is a man that knows what he’s talking about.

  16. Number 3!!!

    Although I’m a bit biased because I have a similar flower theme going on in my dorm room right now ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I definitely agree that arms are a necessity! I don’t think I know how to properly sit in a chair (comfortably) without arms!

  17. The first one adds a feminine touch which may be nice with a masculine leather couch. The third one is whimsical and playful. I don’t know if you have to have arms. I mean, are you going to be the one sitting in it? If it’s just mainly for guests, then cuteness definitely trumps function! And I really like the other one that Pier One has that’s black and white with kind of a damask print! Not that it matches your stuff or anything… ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Love the third one! It closely resembles some fabric I picked out to recover my wing-backed chair.

  19. LOVE the third one – the 2nd one is good if you’re into funky and the 1st one is blah and looks grandmotherly. Let us know what you ultimately pick!

  20. I am torn between #1 & #3. I know….not much help, right?

  21. 3 and you can get three color matching pillows and swap them out seasonally.

  22. I think the flowers on the third one make me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, if your style is modern, go with #2.

    I know what you mean about decorating. I have to buy new chairs but I need my husband to shop with me so he can pick “his” chair. Guess who hates furniture shopping? I find it to be something of a nightmare. The choices just stay with you for so long!

  23. I, like Kay, like the one to the side in #1. However, I prefer to have arms on my sitting chairs. If I don’t plan to sit on it, then without arms is fine.
    Nicole hit the nail on the head when she said “flower theme in my dorm room”. That’s where I would picture chair #3. Just sayin.

  24. Choose #1 if you are 75 years old and armless
    Choose #2 if you are African American and armless
    Choose #3 if you have really cool taste and have all your appendages

  25. Wow. You know how to elicit comments!! What am I–the 29th one?? I would go for #3. I had two armless chairs from Overstock that were super comfy but my husband did not understand the no arms. It will cut down on the useless chatter about why would you buy chairs with no arms if you do not buy them to begin with. And #3 is stylish with cute legs–kinda like you!!

    and i know i ended that sentence with a preposition. life goes on.

  26. I agree with Gretchen – blessings!

  27. (I like no arms because then I don’t have to yell at people to quit sitting on the arms. I also like no arms when I am at a friends house and holding a beverage. I never know how to sit right. Finally, I like no arms when I have been eating far too many homemade tortillas and I go to visit my skinny friends’ homes.)

    I like your 2nd choice.

    (the third grader in me had to erase my sentence that said ‘I like #2’)

  28. Number 2. But I have bamboo in a vase and Chinese art on my walls.

  29. I am last in a long line of commenters so I’ll make mine short:

    We have arms so should chairs.


  30. I like the fabric on #1 and the style of # 3, but I realize that is no help. I do like the style and the fabric of # 3, I just don’t want you to get sick of the flowers. I on the other hand love flowers.

  31. I’ll be happy to sit in whichever you buy…but isn’t one leg of #3 a bit crooked?

  32. I’m totally late on this, but #3!! THREE, THREE, THREE, THREE, THREE!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ And since I know it, I can affirm that it is so comfy.

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