Wherefore art thou, Sus?

I didn’t post yesterday because I was headed to Pier 1 to pick up Chair #3 and I thought it’d be funny to show a picture of it sitting in my living room but that A) would have required me figuring out what to do with the old one; B) would have required cleaning up 8,000 pounds of toys that are currently strewn about the floor; and C) would have required me to commit.

Instead, I thought it would be funnier to gaze upon ImNotNed who decided that his soliloquy on the merits of Chair #3 wasn’t enough and knowing he’d be consigned to sit in it on his next visit, went to Pier 1 to check it out for himself.

I guess that settles it.

I was out running errands in my last few hours before the kids got out of school when I got a message from Heather saying “Hey, it’s Grape Day at the Farmer’s Market!” and that sounded like something that might be fun so I met her and the girls downtown and made them stand by a weird creepy guy in a costume so I could have a picture to put on the blog.

I ended up buying a boatload of canning tomatoes, some apples, pears, and pickling cucumbers to keep me busy since Mr. CPQ is out at a BBQ competition which meant we’d stay in our pj’s at home all weekend.

This marathon cooking session was almost derailed by my inability to find Fruit Fresh at Food Lion at 9:00 last night and I had to exercise great restraint when the clerk told me that it was a “seasonal item” and they didn’t always carry it.

News flash: “Tis the season.

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, it’s been here last night…

and here this morning.

Making this

and this

and this

Have a nice day.

9 responses to “Wherefore art thou, Sus?

  1. wish I lived closer, and knew you better for that matter, and could stop by and sit in your chair and eat pickles and jams with you.

  2. Do I get a sample of everything you’ve made so far when you COME TO MY HOUSE SOON AND VERY SOON?!?! WOO HOO!!!! (I tried not to let my excitement overtake me, and well, I failed. I’m sorry.)

  3. So this is what the Fruit of the Loom guys do on the weekends.

    And the canning? Looks like perfection!

  4. And now I’m hungry.
    For BBQ and pickles.

  5. I want to be able to can! Even though I’m not exactly sure what’s in those jars…

  6. Okay, I think we all need a field trip to your house to sit in the new chair and to learn about canning.

  7. Don’t know what’s in all the jars, but it all looks good!

  8. You are always inspiring. 🙂

  9. *GASP!* I have almost purchased that exact chair, like, fifteen times!!! It’s killing me that I can’t find the perfect place for it in my house. I LOVE IT!!! It needs to find a home here with me, but where??

    Oh, and the canning … you are so high above me.

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