Let’s dance

We tempted fate a second time and took the boys to dinner downtown last night.  There was a little more moaning than usual about having to wear dressy clothes but that probably had everything to do with the fact that we’d been in our pajamas for the better part of the day.

For the record, I kicked tail and took names got seven loads of laundry folded AND PUT AWAY (the putting away always gets me) and the kitchen floor swept and mopped, all in my pajamas, because I am strangely more productive in flannel.

I should have put flannel on the boys last night because I forgot that Family Dinner Night means pasta and red sauce and by the time the meal was over, Travis looked like he’d been in a drive-by but everyone was happy and had a great time, especially the other patrons who got to witness JJ executing a flawless rendition of the jukey dance in the buffet line because the piano player chose that moment to play a familiar tune and I have raised my children in the way they should go and that means dancing when we hear Charlie Brown.

I think lessons at Arthur Murray are on tap for next week.

Have a nice day.


9 responses to “Let’s dance

  1. I love it!! I have a dancer kid too and don’t you just wish we were that free from “propriety” when we hear a song we love. Well…..maybe just in our flannel, in the kitchen with the radio on.

  2. I love it too!!! That song just puts a smile on your face, I don’t care who you are!
    Great way to start the day…Thanks!

  3. I always clean in my jammies on Saturday morning. Mmmmm? Maybe that’s why nothing ever gets cleaned M-F when I get home from work. I should try an experiment where I put on my jammies when I get home from work and see what happens!!

  4. New rule:

    It’s not really clean if it hasn’t been cleaned by someone in pajamas.

    Ahhh…the Snoopy Dance. You have just made my day.

  5. As a teacher that is constantly trying to get boys to connect to their musical side I applaud you.

    BTW – My daughter does that dance when she wins at UNO…odd I know.

  6. I always clean house in my pjs. It’s not the same in regular clothes. I should probably stay in my pjs more often if you know what I mean.

    I love Snoopy and dancing feet! Have a great weekend!

  7. Tell J to keep it up and Aunt Amy will leave parts of her Charlie Brown collection to him in her will. Thank you for training up the child in the way he should go.

  8. My kids dance around like that Charlie Brown cartoon, too! I especially like the guy in the orange shirt who is dancing. Priceless!

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