In which I undertake a new endeavor

I don’t know why they called it the 600 yard “dash”.  That certainly would NOT be the way bystanders would describe me running the timed trial held every quarter at boarding school as part of our PE grade.

I dreaded 600 yard dash day.

I had nightmares about it.

I feigned illness, couldn’t find my socks, developed mysterious medical conditions that had heretofore been undiscovered, all in an attempt to not have to run one and half times around the gravel track that encircled the main campus.

And yet the PE teacher heartlessly disregarded my pain and made me do it, every single time.

I should have used Mr. CPQ’s line with him, “Baby, I’m built for looks, not for speed.”

Somehow, I’m thinking that wouldn’t have worked out for me.

He was an evil man.

Flash forward to high school.  I joined the basketball team and started to embrace the concept of exercise and sweat, mainly because of the possibility of owning a WAY COOL letter jacket, and I found I enjoyed the conditioning drills because they involved sprinting followed by periods of rest and allowed me to eat chocolate Ding-Dongs and grape juice for breakfast every day and not gain a single ounce.

All that to say, I have embarked upon a new activity for the express and sole purpose of allowing myself to bake and eat cinnamon rolls for the rest of the fall and winter season and not look like Jabba the Hut when spring comes around next year.

Hold on to your hats because I downloaded a Couch to 5K app last night and I just completed Day 1 of the program.


I have several friends (Heather, Janet, Tracey, have I missed anyone?) who are currently on a running kick, and I think we all know by now that I am nothing if not a band wagoner and they told me that if they could do it, I could do it because it’s running with frequent breaks so as to not appear like running and thus I am taking them up on their challenge and I am becoming a runner.

Oh, that makes me snicker.

And I’m going to document it here because I’ve learned that there’s no quicker way to kill a commitment than by publicly stating it on my blog.

Have a nice day.


11 responses to “In which I undertake a new endeavor

  1. I LOVE this!! I could say so much more, but I’ll spare you that……today! 🙂

  2. That app is oh so popular these days. My sister is doing it! Where was that app when I decided to run my 10K??? NO I had to bargain with people so I could get the treadmill by the good TV at my gym so I could be properly distracted trying to get through my first 2 miles. This way seems MUCH better.

    You go girl…it is very rewarding and kind of addictive…not like chocolate addictive, but you know what I mean.

  3. I downloaded that app yesterday.

    Because my “baby” is 8…and therefore, not responsible for the spare tire currently surrounding my middle.

  4. Running has great physical benefits, but the mental/spiritual benefits are even better. Enjoy your new endeavor.

  5. GO CPQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. YAY for you! My advice…get some GOOD shoes…expensive shoes…from a running store. Why? Because I didn’t and have been nursing a running injury for 4 weeks and counting. One thing I’ve learned while hobbling around…I really enjoy running. I never thought I’d type that sentence. Have fun!

  7. I heart this.
    Walking is still the only dashing I do.

  8. I did Day 1 once………..

  9. Yay you! I did it in the Spring and ran, yes ran the Race for the Cure..took me forever but I was “running” the whole time. Sadly I’ve only run a few times since but I plan to start again asap so I can do a 5K at the end of Nov. Honestly, if I could do it then you could! Good luck!

  10. My husband has an app for sit-ups and push-ups. Within 30 days he’ll be up to 100 of each every day. I am very happy for all my friends who are getting in shape … and am very happy to not join you. 😉

  11. What’s the name of the app CPQ?? I’m interested…and desperately need to get in shape.

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