Sweet Sixteen

I’m slightly sentimental and before I had the blog to chronicle the daily happenings of life, I kept all my old calendars so that I could refer to them to see what we had done, who we had seen, who got married, had a birthday, etc.  Those old calendars have been helpful to remind me of important dates and note the time that has passed.

There is one date, though, that keeps getting transferred to every new family calendar  year after year because it’s very meaningful and never fails to bring laughter when it rolls around every year; the anniversary of Mr. CPQ’s and my very first date together.

I was very recently removed from a horrific breakup and not really ready to start dating anyone again when I met Mr. CPQ.  He, however, knew a good thing when he saw it and even though he knew I was being pursued by another guy, was determined to get me to go out with him.

He called me on a Sunday afternoon and in his ever-so-casual way suggested that we get together on Monday night to go out for pizza.  And do you know what I said?  In the most indifferent and horrid way possible?  I said, “I’ll go out with you but you need to understand we are not going to call it a ‘date’.  We are going to call it an ‘activity’.”  There was a slight pause while he thought long and hard about what he had just signed up for and then he told me I could call it whatever I wanted.  Shooting myself further in the foot, I then continued down the reckless path and informed him that I would not dress up for him.

My next book?

“How NOT to Get a Boyfriend”

And he said, “Fine.  I’ll wear a sweatshirt.  Is that casual enough for you, your Royal Highness?”

And I said, “Fine.  Pick me up at 7.”



And so I wore minimal make-up and my Notre Dame sweatshirt because I would eat bees for Lou Holtz and didn’t know he hated the Irish and he wore his CU sweatshirt which I still don’t know why he has it because none of us have people there but, whatever, and we went to Old Town Alexandria for pizza at Armand’s which is now tragically closed.

And because I was raised in a family of boys and clearly have no regard for appearances, I helped myself to plenty of pizza while we talked about our family and background and towards the conclusion of the meal he generously offered the last piece of pizza to me, fully expecting me to turn it down since I’d had three pieces already and I took it.

And he sat there in stunned silence.

And then said, “You’re not really a side salad kind of girl, are you?”

And I cackled out loud and then we went to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream where he had the fudge brownie and I had the vanilla, and sixteen years later, we still have fudge brownie and vanilla ice cream in our freezer living in peaceful harmony.

And I still fight him for the last piece of pizza.

I love you, Babe.

Thanks for going out with me even though I was and continue to be psycho.

Have a nice day.




21 responses to “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Ha-Happy Anniversary! I’m not a salad girl either.

  2. Congrats! And now I will be singing Ebony and Ivory for the rest of the week.

  3. I loved reading your beginning. Are you planning a book at any time in the future? I’ll buy it, if you promote it!

  4. At least he knew from the beginning exactly what he was in for…no false pretenses there!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! My dating anniversary is 10/15. Our first date was a Blackhawks game and I wasn’t sure if it was a date or not. We worked in the same office and someone had given him the tickets. He bought me food and drinks all night and I still wasn’t sure if it was a date. He drove me home afterward, and we sat for a minute double parked (since I lived in the city) and he asked me if he was going to get a good night kiss. I said well, if it’s a date then yes, otherwise, no. He said ok, it’s a date! ha! He is taking me on a surprise (as in I don’t know where) date on Friday, in the city. I’m thinking it’s a Hawks game! I’m also thinking he doesn’t know I know this is probably it. I’ll let you know. If you don’t hear from me, it’s probably safe to assume it wasn’t as good as I’m expecting!

  6. Ahhh…that’s so sweet. At least he knew from the start what he was getting into! Full disclosure is good. 🙂
    We were just discusssing (trying to remember) when and what we did for our first date. Sadly we have different recollections. Ha Oh well, still going strong after 32 years “dating.” so that’s all that matters.

  7. This is funny 🙂 Joel and I had a funny first date as well. On Christmas Eve 0f 2000 he asked me to go out with him… And since we knew we would be really busy with our separate families over Christmas we went to *drumroll* McDonalds. It might be my favorite Christmas Eve lunch ever!

  8. What a great story! Happy 1st date Anniversary!

  9. Sweet! Isn’t God’s plan amazing? And I’m jealous you found a hair stylist. I’ve lived here over 3 years and haven’t found one yet. Maybe I should use yours…that’s not too far to drive…

  10. Love it! Great story, and I’m all about being real on first dates. Congrats on 16 yrs of pizza “sharing”.

  11. Lydia Stevenson

    Ok , that made me cry, and I am sure you were not expecting anyone to cry over your post today. Apparently, I am a bit emotional today. My hubby and I actually have a picture of our first date and shocker he has his arm around me!!(can you say bad PK!!) The date was with 10 other Glorieta co-workers at the Tram restaurant in Albuquerque( I have the tickets too). We proceeded to ignore all the other people in the party and talk amongst ourselves all night. On January 1st of the next year he proposed at the Cotton Bowl(have those tickets too). We celebrate 20 years in December. We are blessed with good men my dear.

  12. What a fun post. It sounds like the two of you go together like peas and carrots 🙂

  13. So cute!! What a great post I love it! ❤

  14. Congrats 🙂 and I love your first date story – it reminds me of Adam and I . . . we are definitely meant to be friends! 🙂 I’m not a side-salad kind of girl either!

  15. What a great story!!! Could be worse, Mr. CPQ, my husband and I have almost 2 years of “activities” before I would consider us on a “date”!

  16. this is such a phenomenal story, so glad you shared it. Amazing when we look back at the moments that determined our forevers, isn’t it?

  17. Your first date…I mean “activity” cracked me up. Yes, you must always put this on your calendar. I like your knew haircut! Very hip.

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