Three Things Thursday

1.   My mom and dad are coming today for a visit and I’ve been so excited to see them that I’ve been cooking some of my childhood favorite meals this week in anticipation of their arrival.

I went deep into the Vault of Forgotten Foods and pulled out Polynesian Chicken which was a company’s coming stand-by recipe my mother fixed in the 70s.  In my 40 years I’ve never met anyone else whose mother fixed it:  shredded chicken in a cream sauce ladled over rice and topped with crumbled bacon, chopped peanuts, and, wait for it, raisins.

Sounds  disturbing, I know, but there’s something about the combination of creamy and salty and sweet all mixed together that made it DIVINE.

And let’s face it, everything’s better with bacon.

2.  The North Carolina State Fair is open for business and I’m hoping to go twice while  it’s in town.  We’ll take the kids one evening, but I also sneak off by myself during the day while they’re in school because I enjoy wandering the exhibit halls and seeing the blue-ribbon pies and jams (an activity to which my people vociferously object), eating an ear or four of roasted corn and not sharing my funnel cake with anyone.

What does my tribe enjoy?

Listening to their mother scream in terror while they rock the cart at the top of the Ferris Wheel.

3.  Before and after shots of the new hair:

While attempting to take this picture on the deck, I was startled by my neighbor who happened to be working in her back yard.

She was startled by seeing me take pictures of myself.


They can really make your life awkward.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. haha that last part about blogs making your life awkward? i love it. And I LOVE your hair too! 🙂 It looks so good!

  2. I love your haircut! So cute!

  3. Absolutely love the hair cut!! Your eyes just pop out in that picture! Beautiful!

  4. Some friends in seminary once cooked that meal for us when we went to their house for dinner! We had more fun dumping peanuts and pineapple chunks and whatever else on our rice-and-creamy-chicken “sundaes.” So cool that your mom and my friend, Melody, entertain in the same way:)

  5. 1. I love the combination of bacon and raisens. Nuts are good too. I also love 70s cooking. So there you go.
    2. I love to look at the sewing exhibits as well as the jars of jam. I go more for the corny dogs over the corn itself.
    3. I too have been made a fool of with this blog thing. Totally get that. I have taken more pictures of my feet – nail polish, new shoes, mud laden feet, etc. – than ever before. Who’d have thunk it!

    Have a great visit with your family. Those are precious times.

  6. PS. one more thing, I love your hair. I missed my hair appointment yesterday so that I could tromp through (get lost in) a muddy 3/4 mile corn maze with my daughter instead.

  7. Love the hair!!
    As Stacy London would say, “SHUT UP!”

  8. Your before pic looks better than my after pic. 🙂 I do love the new haircut!

  9. Yeah…last night walking home from ice cream night we walked by two police cars that had pulled over another car. My instant instinct was to take a picture…I was going to make up a post about what MIGHT have happened. I thought otherwise…probably a good choice.

    Love the new do!!

  10. Hey, you clean up pretty good.

  11. Beautiful hair!

  12. Your hair is awesome!

    Phil and I went on a “date” to the Texas State Fair last Friday to eat ridiculously fattening food, and walk thru the exhibits….we went to look at the cows–must have been show day because I’ve never seen more beautiful cows…washed, blown dry, tails trimmed…etc crazy!

    We thought the kids would be mad that we went without them, but sad enough, they weren”t! Have fun!

  13. you look awesome!! i’d stick with that hair stylist too!

  14. I am so excited about going to the fair!! I was asking co-workers if they were planning on going and they told me they weren’t because it’s the same every year. I said that is exactly why we keep going back!! We always enter the same gate, stop first to eat roasted corn and the rest of the day is planned on what we are eating next. We see all the exhibits, ride all the rides the kids want, see TV personalities in their tents and always milk a cow.

  15. Great haircut! And your eyes really “pop” beautifully.
    This blog thing is getting hilarious at our house: anytime I make anything that looks good, hubby will say, “don’t you want to get a picture of it first for your blog?” (Except when I made the Greek layer dip… we all just started digging in without thinking of the picture.. & it was SO pretty!)
    Or we’ll be walking/driving along somewhere & one of us will notice something “for the blog”. He will turn around & go back for me to take pictures, & anywhere I go, if I don’t have my camera, I feel naked.

  16. Beautiful! love the hair.

    Girl i miss you…We are on fall break next week (The Mister will be home too) and other than root canals and allergy testing I’ve got nothin’ going on. I need a CPQ fix.

  17. 1) The Polynesian Chicken sounds really good … and really familiar! My mom may have made that a few times, too. She’s all about cream sauces and crock-pot-able dishes.

    2) I like your plan. No one wants to share a funnel cake. Oh, and I would so be screaming with you. I HATE Ferris Wheels. Even the little ones.

    3) Girl, you are GORGEOUS!!!! Love it!

  18. My rule at state fairs is to not ride anything that was formerly on the back of a semi-truck trailer.

    You are beautiful, CPQ, inside and out.

  19. a)bacon?yum.
    b)your hair?fab.
    c)the fair?I haven’t been in a long time. you just changed my heart. maybe next year.

    d)getting caught with my camera pointed the ‘wrong’ way? have no idea what you’re talking about.


  20. Love your new look!

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