Monday Musings

Oh, my heart is full this morning after having spent the last four days hanging out with my mom and dad.  On Friday morning we dropped the kids off at school and went to the fair and wandered the exhibit halls.

And because the bulls in the china shop boys weren’t with us, I finally got to go to the pottery exhibit and oohed and ahhed over all the things I could buy if only I had enough cabinet space in my kitchen for storage.

But the main reason we went was to eat so we hit the four “must have” categories of roasted corn, polish sausages with peppers and onions, caramel apples and funnel cake.

We saw the crowds lining up for the Krispy Kreme burger and I had to take a picture of it but I didn’t taste it.

Shockingly, I have my limits.

The rest of the weekend was spent decorating which meant that Mom and I had to go to HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx.  While we were on that side of town, we just happened to see the billboard that announced the grand opening of The Container Store so, of course, we joined 873857985693875 other people who wanted to be part of the excitement.

Sunday was church and three attempts to eat Mexican food before we found a restaurant that was open at 11:30 and then Dad and Mr. CPQ napped watched football while Mom and I set out pumpkins and mums by the mailbox and hung a fall wreath. We capped off our time together with a farewell feast of brisket and Mom’s  potato salad for dinner.

And the skies parted and the angels sang, “Hallelujah.”

They’re headed home this morning by way of the outlet malls in Eastern Tennessee.  A big part of me wishes that I could go with them (I miss them tremendously already) but I have only to look around my house and see the repairs that Dad made, the pretty touches Mom left and the small container of potato salad on the shelf in the fridge and the sadness is eased.

I am so blessed to be their daughter.

Have a nice day.


13 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. My heart is full for you.

  2. Last night was the first I’d heard of the Krispy Kreme burger. Wow. Are you sure you didn’t really get one?? =-)

  3. Those are my four must haves as well. I have not heard of the Krispy Kreme burger until now but I want to say that ruins a perfectly good donut.

    Sounds like such a nice family weekend….I cooked a brisket this weekend too while my daughter was home. Must be a mom thing : ) I did not make potato salad though.

    So glad you had a nice visit!

  4. Sounds like the perfect weekend!!

    The Krispy Kreme burger sounds dreadful! Glad you stuck with tried and true fair staples!

  5. Sounds delightful…

    Were those baby pigs not the CUTEST little bundles of pink ever!

    I came home and told my husband that I think I really needed a little pink piglet.

    He thought I was joking.

  6. So glad you had a great visit w/your folks! They are very blessed to have you as their daughter!
    I’d go for the caramel apple, but that’s about the ONLY food item I’d go for at the fair. And I agree that the burger was a perfectly good way to ruin a donut…
    The piglets were so cute, but Kellie, any cute little animals grow up… & believe me, after having a pig invasion in our yard last spring, the piglets grow very big & “unmanagable”!!!!

  7. What? No commentary on the Container Store? I wondered why in the world the parking lot was at capacity as we drove by at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon.

    Glad to hear about your sweet time with your parents!!

  8. sounds fun . . . and delicious . . . well except for that nasty-looking krispy kreme burger!

  9. I always enjoy the repairs my dad makes, the ironing my mom catches me up on, the little things they buy for us and the leftovers in the fridge as well. I know how special those visits are. And I know that while your heart is full, it’s also aching a little bit today. I’m oh too familiar with that bittersweet ache.

  10. What a blessing! So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  11. AW! Sounds like a great time! My parents are coming tomorrow for 5 days and I am so excited! My kids are giddy. Love us some Grandma and Grandpa time. 🙂

  12. next year I will take a solo trip to the fair in your honor.

    also, I love, love, love that you enjoy time with your parents.

    makes me all squishy.

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