Help Me, Rhonda

I enjoy having people over at the house and had been thinking about how I didn’t do it often enough when an email arrived in my in-box from the homeowner’s association looking for volunteers to plan a Halloween party for our block.

I volunteered our house since we have a fairly large, flat parking pad on which to set up tables, etc., but now I find myself a week and a half away from the big event with no ideas how to decorate the inside of the garage or plans for table decorations.

Because we WILL have table decorations.

For I am Southern.

I thought I’d post a few pics of the space in question to see if y’all had any ideas.  I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I do want to make it fun.  All of the kids will be under 11 years of age, so I’d rather go with a less scary theme, but still want to to do a bubbling cauldron of punch and cobwebs.

Think “Baptist Fall Festival with a Caspar the Friendly Ghost Twist”.

Maybe luminaries up the drive?  Should I hang something from the dogwoods on the way up?

Set up long folding tables on the parking pad?  Or at the edges, leaving space to  mingle?

Or set up tables inside the garage and leave the parking pad for games/play area?

I have rafters inside the garage that I can hang things from.  Should I hang cobwebs?  Giant spiders?  Fake ghosts? My third-grade boyfriend who broke my heart?

Any and all suggestions, links, or thoughts are welcome.

Have a nice day.


19 responses to “Help Me, Rhonda

  1. Yes, yes, and yes to all your ideas. Ghosts are fun and not too scary. Luminaries or some kind of lights that stack in the ground along the driveway would be cool. If you can fit the tables in the garage that would be nice to have the parking pad free to play games. I would use a lot of fake webs in the trees…give them an eerie look. Check out your local dollar store for inexpensive but fun decorating items. Have a fun time with it!

  2. My first thought was hay bales along the driveway…arranged in a way that encourages sitting upon. Maybe toss some blankets on them?

    Check out this website:

    I love that site–I’m not a big “party girl”, but I love the beauty of the ideas!

    Oh, and you must have cider. Because since it is NC in October, it will be 96 degrees on Halloween.

    • Oooh – I like – Who do we know that has hay bales? I used to get mine from the produce stand that was by the water treatment plant, but they got kicked off that corner and I’m hay-less now.

  3. I love luminaries. Bats are a not-so-scary-but-fun Haloweenie decoration. Unless you are Batman.
    I suggest pumkin candy corn in mason jars with taper candles as the centerpieces, because the leftovers will be SO tasty 🙂

  4. Halloween decorations are great to hang on rafters and trees like ghosts, bats, spiders and spider webs! I have a folding 6 ft. table you can borrow if you need it.

  5. I saw a really cool luminary idea that could also be used for centerpieces. They are just plain glass vases with tissue paper stuck on using spray adhesive, so they glow the color of the see through paper. I also love all the Peanuts Halloween type decorations, like simple paper cutouts hanging from the trees, ghosts, jack-0-lanterns, witches hats…you have cheap labor for those and they are just made out of construction paper.

    I also love most of the family fun ideas:

    What time does it start? I’m packing up the kids and am on my way.

  6. I’m going through the same thing here – my teenage son is having a Halloween party and I’m trying to think of up cool decorating ideas which he won’t consider lame. I’m going with lots of jack-0-lanterns and just went and bought cheesecloth to make cobwebs with (which would look great in your garage!)…and am also going to try to remember how to create ghosts with cheesecloth and liquid starch…Good luck!

  7. What if it rains?
    I like the drives for walking, talking, etc.
    Why do I live so far away????????????????

  8. what about hanging empty baby food jars from your trees with a tea light in them? Might look kind of cool with the fake spider web stuff. I also like the hay bale idea. I’d put the food in the garage, just in case it sprinkles. oooh, you could change out your garage light bulbs with black lights for the night!

  9. Do you really want to get me started with the ideas?

    You do remember how crazy I get about Halloween, correct?

  10. I have 2 or 3 of the 6 ft. tables if you want to borrow them (you might have to have G. let you in to get them since I won’t be back… they are in the bonus room).
    I like the hay bales idea & I’d leave the driveway open for mingling as much as possible, especially with the children being young.
    And because they are young, I’d skip the witchy stuff… M. wouldn’t even go into stores once they put that stuff up until this year (@ age 7!) There’s lots of neat fall deco that you could use even after Halloween that looks great but isn’t scary. Wish I could be there to help! It sounds like such fun!

  11. Super easy cobwebs made out of coffee filters, see this:
    She also has lots of other crafty decorations.

    Can’t take credit for finding it…that belongs to my ultimate, Southern-Martha Stewart-friend, Andrea:

  12. What a great space!! I’m not a big Halloween fan, but I have to say I watched a Martha Stewart Halloween special a few years ago. She had some awesome ideas! I especially liked the ice mask and hands floating in the punch. Too creative for me.

  13. LOVE the hay bales. Perfect and easy. You could make these super cute pumpkins out of TOILET PAPER to use as centerpieces. I made a few and they were super cute and easy.
    Check it out and see what you think.

  14. Luminaires up the walk would be cute. I would put the food to the sides on the hard pad. That way, they see the food when they walk up.
    How about serving cider?

  15. I’ve seen those pumpkin trick or treat buckets used as planters, which was cute. Though, you may not be going for cute.

  16. Makes me kinda glad we don’t go for Halloween in a big way in my neck of the woods! True it is becoming more popular as the years go by – even saw giant orange pumpkins for sale in my local supermarket this week for A$25 which I thought was rather outrageous considering they just get cut up for one night! LOL But having said that I’m sure your decorations will turn out just wonderfully and everyone will have a great night – look forward to seeing your pics too. Blessings!

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