How not to bake

I meant to post Friday but couldn’t get to the keyboard because I had critically important things to do such as go to Heather’s house to pick up a French press because I still was coffee-potless and starting to come a little unhinged.

I didn’t want to show up empty-handed seeing as I was absconding with HER backup coffee vessel, so I busted open one of my four shortage-hording cans of pumpkin to make a dessert to take with me and in the process discovered a thing or six about what NOT to do when making a pumpkin roll.

1.  It might be important to use parchment paper to release the cake from the pan lest you find yourself with a patchwork mess of chunks of pumpkin cake strewn across your cabinet.

2.  It might be important to SIFT the powdered sugar onto the towel before you dump out your cake in chunks and attempt to roll it up lest you find yourself with rock hard sugar embedding and pockmarking your roll.

3.  It might be important not to violently flip the cake pan on top of the powdered sugared towels thus sending white powder flying in the direction of all your electronics that are charging nearby.

4.  Now that I think about it, it might be important just to skip the powdered sugar altogether.

5.  It might be important to roll the cake tighter than you think you should lest it unroll when you cut it, leaving gobs of un-adhered I know that’s not a word cream cheese.


6.  It might be important to have a decorative plate so you can disguise that all of the above happened.

Have a nice day.

10 responses to “How not to bake

  1. Had to bake a chocolate cake yesterday (yes…had to….for a birthday) and I couldn’t believe the mess I made. Especially when I pulled the electric beaters how while still running and cake batter flying everywhere. People would question whether I had ever baked before…. crazy!

  2. I’m with Kellie : )

  3. Good to know ~ if I WERE to ever bake that is.

  4. Looks are unimportant when desserts are concerned! I tried a new (to me) pumpkin recipe that was a huge hit recently. It was the recipe for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies featured at
    Also, they have some great ideas for Halloween party food here.
    Some of these couldn’t be messed up even if you tried!

  5. haha love it. I would totally eat it though – anything pumpkin flavored is good for me!

  6. I baked all weekend…so don’t even get me started.

  7. How Not To Bake.
    Like What Not To Wear for pumpkin people.
    You already have the kickin’ shoes.

  8. You can borrow our coffee maker.. no one is there to use it! And we use the Kuerig anyway. Give G. a call if you want it!

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