In which I go to the office

I’ve been asked by my boss to work from the main campus for the next few weeks on a special project which gives me the opportunity to waste precious hours standing in the closet every morning bemoaning the lack of appropriate work clothing.

I don’t think holey yoga pants and wrinkled t-shirts scream “professionally competent”.

More like “needs to be COMMITTED”.

Monday was my first day back at the cubicle farm where I spent most of my time looking at this:

and this.

Since I’m there sporadically, I don’t have a formal workspace.  For the next few weeks they’ve stuck me at the end of a passageway where they carved out an office by sticking a desk in front of the door leading outside to the parking garage, but I’m not complaining because it’s very close to the snack room and the mirrored window allows me to see if anyone’s sneaking up behind me while I’m playing working on my computer.

Everyone was really nice and I even had a couple of co-workers invite me to eat lunch with them  which was a lot of fun until I realized it was cash only in the lunch room and I NEVER carry cash but I managed to find a couple of dollars stuffed in the bottom of my purse and bought a delightfully plain turkey sandwich because I didn’t have the extra thirty-nine cents for cheese.


It was a good day otherwise; I didn’t get fired, I remembered how to use my big words, and my manager entrusted me with the top-secret code to the supply closet.

Sadly, there were no appropriate clothes in that closet either, but the unlimited access to new pens and paper products totally made up for it.

Have a nice day.


11 responses to “In which I go to the office

  1. New pens and paper products make me happy too : )

  2. Don’t know what it is but I could spend hours picking out pens and paper, too. Makes me giddy!

  3. Should I send you a red stapler? ;>)

  4. Office supplies make me swoon.

  5. Do they have an EASY button in the supply closet? I could really use one today.

  6. Oh, some days I wish I could get dressed and go to a real office. I love my little home office, but some days it seems like I’m just pretending to work instead of really working here. Ever feel that way? And then other days I LOVE just pretending!!!

  7. This TOTALLY screams trip to the mall…

  8. 🙂 You crack me up. I totally dread the day that I return to “normal” adult life. I kinda like my holey pants and faded t-shirts and the fact that I can work in my pjs and go days without a shower, if I want… Not that I ever would … of course! Ahem. I like not caring about what’s in style or whether or not I have cash in my purse. I like having my life revolve around my family. Oh, but I do miss having adult conversations more than once or twice a week! You know, with people other than my husband and my mom. Or his mom. 😉

  9. The code to the supply closet?? On your first day?? Love me some office supplies!

    I’ve totally forgotten how to behave in ‘adult land’. I’d be bossing everyone around, grounding them for life, and asking why they are still talking…it’s best that I stay home.

  10. ooohhhh, I miss going to the office and having conversations that don’t involve how to make the letter Y! I also miss colored post-it-notes….not that I’m *expecting* you to rectify that.

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