Hello, last minute

I’m 48 hours from my Halloween party which means it might be about time to do something about it.  This afternoon’s projects include making candy corn cake pops, luminaries, stringing fishing wire through 30 foam ghosts to hang from the trees, and googling “How to make a Pikachu costume”.

Thanks, Travis.

Tommy and JJ want to go as characters from Super Mario Brothers Smash Brawl and since our house rules state that any occupant over the age of 10 is responsible for making his own costume on a $10 budget, they put in their fabric requests at the very last minute over breakfast this morning (it’s genetic) and I went to JO-ANN’s to pick up red, blue, black, and silver cloth from which they will create capes and protective armor that they will wear for the approximately 26 minutes it takes to trick-or-treat on our street.

I chose pleather because it was on sale so that we could easily use staplers and duct tape to hold it all together and I was feeling all crafty and proud of myself until I stood in the checkout line behind the costume designer of the Carolina Ballet who was buying ridiculously sparkly things for the upcoming Nutcracker performances and I almost offered her the contents of my wallet just to whip something together for my boys but I’m sure that Mr. CPQ would have had a thing or three to say about them wearing tights, and the contents of my wallet were pretty picked over after buying four yards of fake cow hide.

So there you have a picture of my weekend: staplers, duct tape, garage cleaning, baking, cleaning, and costuming.

Something tells me that your weekend looks the same.

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “Hello, last minute

  1. My weekend does look pretty similar, minus the garage cleaning (our party is in the back yard w/ bonfire)…and the stapler and duct tape (we’re recycling old costumes. My son is wearing one of my daughter’s old ones. Don’t ask.)

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Actually I have to decorate the inside of the back of my van somehow. We have a Trunk or Treat at our church tomorrow night and I volunteered my van as I do every year and I never know how I’ll decorate it until about 20 minutes before I’m supposed to have it there. Sounds like you and I work on similar time lines! Good luck with your party–wish I could be there!

  3. I created my own costume this year, with Sybil’s help of course. I used a whole bottle of Liquid Stitch, I hope it stays together. ha ha

  4. Not mine… no costumes to do; just house cleaning to do, big time!

  5. This time of year makes me glad we don’t live in America and I don’t have to help come up with costumes for multiple children. I like your house rule though. I think we’ll have to adopt that since next year we’ll be in the states in the fall and all my kids will be 10 and over!

  6. Well Jayci is Wonder Woman 🙂 but I bought a costume because, well, i simply was feeling up to all the stapling and duct tape!

  7. I feel the same as Angie although if you believe what the shops are trying to peddle here, ‘everyone’ will be doing Halloween in Sydney tonight! For the past few years some have been trying to ‘get it going’ down under but it never really seems to catch on all that much. Despite that, our youngest grandies had a Halloween BBQ and disco at their school last Friday night and though they had a good time, all E7 managed to get out of it was a nasty head cold! Will wait and see if we have any little trick or treating visitors to our door tonight! Blessings!

  8. Hosting gets you motivated…I would never have sorted the 17,000 toy Army men and toy cars into separate bins without a timeline of friends comin’ to dinner. We had an enthusiastic BatGirl and Cowboy trick o’treating…although all it took was the first house with scary music and teenagers hiding in the bushes grabbing legs of children to turn my 5 yr old toward home. Age-appropriateness, people!

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