Monday Musings

We had a quiet, low-key weekend.  Mr. CPQ was out of town freezing his brisket off at a BBQ competition in Shelby and the boys and I stayed in Raleigh and observed a Pajama Day, staying inside and playing games and watching movies.

For the record, the BBC’s North & South mini-series is wonderful.

And Richard Armitage is quite swoon-worthy.

I took a break from cooking and ran out to get a bucket of chicken for dinner on Saturday night and somehow I had a hard time computing pieces per person and wound up with the 20 piece tailgate pack for the four of us.

Needless to say, we’ve been eating a lot of fried chicken, fried chicken wraps, fried chicken casserole, and fried chicken soup  for the last few days.

In other news, while we were eating chicken salad sandwiches for supper, the kids were talking about how bad things have gotten in the school cafeteria.  Apparently, the health police have removed all the salt packets from the lunch room which has served to completely ruin the french fries and Tommy said they replaced the “good, regular buns like we have here at home” with whole wheat ones.  They’ve also removed the Moon Pies and the smoothie machine and it was all I could do not to laugh when the boys shook their heads and said, “It’s just not the same old good times that it used to be.” I asked if this meant they were going to be taking their lunches more often but they suggested that perhaps a better tactic would be to start a movement to get the contraband  re-instated.


I’m raising anarchists.

Have a nice day.


7 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Oh…if my parents only knew how many times us freshman would take 50 cents, to lunch, and buy a chocolate milk shake and skip lunch altogether. They didn’t have that in junior high so we had hit the “big time kids” as freshmen. 🙂

    Have not done the bucket of chicken in a LONG time. That sounds good! I need to only stop here when I’m not hungry!

  2. Pajama Day sounds like a great idea!

  3. Not anarchists, revolutionaries!

    I love pajama day!

  4. My daughter passed a petition around her school to cancel school the day after Halloween. It got so far that the Headmaster told her he couldn’t cancel school but he would allow a pajama day. They announced it to the lower school and credited my daughter with the change in dress code. I am raising the next Gloria Steinem…great.

  5. You can relax…obviously your parenting work is done. Great job! And tell those boys that if they don’t eat salt then the Food Nazis win. Freeeeedom!!!!

  6. Our school is crazy with food stuff, too. The problem, though, is that they’re inconsistent! I can’t stand inconsistencies. For class parties, birthday celebrations or even packed lunches, we’re not allowed to bring food that has sugar as the first or primary ingredient. HOWEVER, the school cafeteria serves breakfast for lunch WITH SYRUP at least once a week. Next week we have a special PTO meeting where a nutritionist is speaking. The reward for the class with the most parents in attendance? A pizza party. And don’t tell me they’re ordering whole wheat vegetarian pizzas. It’s ridiculous. Food Nazis indeed.

  7. The lunch comments from your boys are so funny! Just the other day, my boy chose school lunch…chicken quesadillas. (Mind you, the child’s never met a quesadilla he didn’t like). So when I asked him how lunch was that day, imagine my surprise when he said he didn’t think he’d get the quesadillas anymore. Apparently the school has “gone healthy” with the recipe. I had just read this post about your boys’ lunch experiences, and their similar sentiments made me laugh. My son is 11 years old, too–so it’s
    good to know he’s “testing” equal to his peers on the national level in the subject of lunch! 🙂

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