Thankful Thursday

This week’s installment of Thankful Thursday is going to focus on generosity.  It has been a theme that’s cropped up over the past few weeks both at church (are we generous with what we have or do we hold on tight to what God has entrusted to us) and at home (sharing our toys, giving our time, serving others, etc.)

Today, I was the recipient of generosity on two separate occasions, and it’s made me thankful.  First, I was gifted with something material.  My husband called me about noon and asked me to bring the boys and meet him at Dairy Queen for an afternoon treat since he had to unexpectedly be out tonight for meetings.  While we were sitting at the table chatting over hot fudge sundaes, he handed me a bag to open and inside was a brand spankin’ new iPhone 4.



And I promise that I hadn’t begged/overly hinted that I wanted one.

Talk about generous.

Second, I spent an hour or so running with Heather.  She has a passel of kids, she homeschools, runs the Wednesday night children’s program at church, she’s training for a marathon, knows I run slower than molasses in winter and yet she spent precious time with me today, running alongside and encouraging me in this new adventure, making me feel like I can do it.

Making me feel special.

She was generous.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude to a God who expresses His own generosity by giving me a husband who loves me, friends to spur me on, and moments that teach me the joy of stepping outside my own little world and giving to others.

I’m a lucky girl.

Have a nice day.



6 responses to “Thankful Thursday

  1. Great post, you lucky dog.

    I think generosity is part of the counter-intuitive, upside down Kingdom of God- we THINK we should hold on tight, but it’s when we let go that the good things happen.

    And GOOOOOOOOOOOO CPQ!!!!! Is there a 5K on June 18th, 2011 in your area? I totally think we should look into it. 🙂

    Happy Day!

  2. What an awesome day!

  3. People who are a blessing are blessed. Your blog makes my day.

  4. Christmas came early! Awesome!! And you DO have such a sweet friend!! Very encouraging. I’d like to -down the road- request a blog post on the differences between the Iphone 3 and 4. 🙂 We are in the “3” family right now. 🙂

  5. I think one of the best things about running is when I’m able to run with friends. It’s sort of like Words with Friends, without all those pesky ads. 😉

    I do enjoy our afternoon runs. I enjoy the conversation and the fitness aspect is an added bonus. So, thanks to you for being crazy enough to go along with my crazy running.

  6. Nice! I love it when the Hubbys are spontaneously generous.

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