It’s just another Manic Monday

1.  I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  I just didn’t have anything of substance to report.

Not that it has ever stopped me before.

2.  This is the current wallpaper on my computer.

3.  I am currently obsessed with bread baking which in turn leads to bread eating which in turn leads to my pants not fitting.  I checked out a few baking books from the library over the weekend and today’s project includes braiding challah and making flake rolls from the dough that proofed overnight in the fridge.

The flake rolls are technically supposed to be butterflake rolls but the phone rang while I was in the middle of getting everything strung out and I completely forgot to put melted butter between the layers, so who knows if they’ll turn out or not.

I’m betting “not”.

4. I did not impress my co-workers today by leaving my orthotic insole in the middle of the hallway.

Apparently, they’re not meant to be used in mules.

5.  Every day at work I pass by this sign.

And every day it bugs me.

Have a nice day.

23 responses to “It’s just another Manic Monday

  1. I would take a black sharpie to that sign. How do signs like that get made? Not one person notices it’s wrong?? I’m sorry your pants don’t fit. I hate that. Almost as much as that sign.

  2. That sign bugs me too. Glad I don’t have to pass it every day. That would be very bad for my mental stability.

  3. Bread baking…. all I can think is that you make your family SO happy!!! 🙂

  4. Oh, man! You just can’t beat a good CPQ post on a dreary Monday. Totally brightens my day. Jack and I ADORE crazy, stupid signs that use punctuation in “all” the wrong place’s. Makes us laugh every time.

    Happy “Monday” to you and your’s my friend!

  5. That sign bugs me too!

    LOVE that wallpaper!

    I’ll bet the bread is delicious…it certainly SOUNDS delicious. Our lemons on our lemon tree are ripening, and so I am currently obsessed with lemon recipes. In the past three days I have made lemon chicken, grilled lemon salmon, pasta al limone, and lemon-cream cheese cake. I understand about cooking obsessions.

  6. I love homemade bread (I mean, who doesn’t???). I haven’t made any in eons for the very reason you mentioned above. However, my girls are coming home for Thanksgiving and love my homemade cinnamon bread so I am thinking I’ll use that as an excuse to bake some.

    Also-that sign. I’m thinking a black sharpie discreetly tucked into your purse might do the trick. It would set my teeth on edge too.

  7. You know how to evoke a giggle from me even when I’m having a Monday-it’s-dreary-I -want-a-nap kind of afternoon. Orthotics in mules. Snicker.
    Signs like that bug the hummy out of me. Don’t you wonder who printed them? Who designed them? Who signed off on the order form when they arrived? It’s a mystery’s. 🙂

  8. I immediately had to share your wallpaper with four different people. Maybe they will fear me now. You think not?

    If I worked near that sign I would have had to complain to the management. Do they WANT to look stupid? I’m guessing if it involves money the answer might be yes.

  9. I am dying to know what item the restroom left down the hall…clearly I have been underestimating the restroom and her possessions.

    Good luck with that bread eating…er making.

  10. So what bread books are you using? Ryan and I both bake breads, have been for years. Do you have a cloche? I think that’s the key to a great crust….
    I can tell you which books are our favs if you’re still looking for more….
    happy monday

  11. I’ve just spent the last 45 minutes of my life teaching ‘possessives’ to my 3rd grader.

    My son had the word ‘repossess’ on his spelling test today.

    As much as the above fell into the ‘not fun at.all’ category…it didn’t bother me nearly as much as that sign. grrrr.

    On a lighter note..picturing the orthotic’s in the hallway with lots of giggle’s. 😀

  12. the apostrophe would bug me too. Can’t you perhaps white it out? (just joking) – that orthotic would be quite comical sitting in the hallway – guess your co-workers didn’t have any problem knowing who it belonged to? Blessings!

  13. I’ve been in a bread baking mood lately too! We LOVE challah and have it with dinner regularly. My kids (and husband) love to say “Holla” EVERYTIME I make it…

  14. That sign is as bad as a typo in a news crawl, or worse! It would drive me crazy every time I walked by.

  15. I have major issues with the sign, but this problem is here to stay as I have many students who just do not understand the apostrophe – college graduates I might add.
    As for the wallpaper – just curious “better psychos” better than redheads, blonds, or everyone combined. Seriously though I think a brunette would pack heat rather than a knife. Just sayin…

  16. Hi CarpoolQueen! I have missed you. It’s me, not you 😉 — I have not been poking around the blogosphere as much lately. Seems like real life intrudes (how RUDE). Love the idea of your orthotic sole in the middle of the hallway; by the way, they’re not so hot in clogs, either. Trust me. That restroom sign would bug the bejeebers out of me. I think it needs to disappear one evening after everyone’s (oops, I mean everyones) gone home for the night. The dumpster can keep a secret. And now I want details about some of your favorite bread recipes/bread books from the library. Share?

  17. I wanted to “chat” with you yesterday but by the time we got out there, our “boys” were done.
    That sign would drive me to…. speak up!!!! But then I can’t leave things like that alone….
    I’ve dropped orthotics out of all kinds of shoes! But when you wear them, you get tired of being limited on what shoes you can wear, so it’s worth a try!

  18. I’m thinking along the same line as Amy Ro. Maybe everything to the right of the sign belongs to the restroom. 🙂

  19. Oh, yes. Definitely take a Sharpie to that sign. Immediately. You might need to submit the picture to, too.

  20. Thanks for the Bangles tune in my head all day.

  21. I agree with the Sharpie idea. Someone’s gotta fix that sign.

    I hosted a jewelry party last week. One of the lovely pieces in the catalog said “Dream like there’s endless possibilities.” Just typing it makes me hurt.

    Worse: two years ago our school printed over 400 tee-shirts with a misspelling. It was for a jog-a-thon, our biggest annual fundraiser. Every single kid, teacher and parent in the school wore blinding purple shirts with “Philippians” spelled incorrectly. It’s an amazing advertisement for this Christian academy. (Argh.)

  22. giggling.

    man, I missed your blog.

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