In which I carbo-load

I grew up across the street from a bakery and one of my household chores was to wander over in the afternoon to buy provisions for our supper since my mother did  not believe we had officially eaten unless a bread product was on the table.

I love my mother.

I have gone back and forth about having bread at meals, mainly to keep extra calories out of ye olde diet, but my people love it and I’ve about given up withholding it from them because, honestly, they’re going to pick out my nursing home and I need to keep them happy.

Speaking of happy, Mr. CPQ wanted me to buy these for him.

Clearly, they scream “professional”.

Clearly, I did not buy them.

Moving on.

ANYWAY, there was much rejoicing at the table last night because the boys had this for dinner:

And today I made some yummy challah bread that turned out right pretty, if I do say so myself.

I’m hoping this guarantees the room next to George Clooney’s at the rest home.

Have a nice day.

16 responses to “In which I carbo-load

  1. Oooo… Your bread is beautiful! The braided bread looks divine….

    And I think bread for dinner is an excellent choice….

    Of course this is coming from the girl who had a corn dog for lunch and nutella on a spoon for dessert…I may lose my appetite during stressful times, but I make up for it ten fold when the stress is over.

  2. I’m completely for bread with meals. I grew up where you always had bread, even if it was just a slice a loaf bread straight from the bag on the table. I mean, afterall, I want to live this life for pete’s sake!

  3. I should imagine the family left the dinner table very satisfied! Great job – it looks very professional too. Blessings!

  4. Bread is SO NOM. Yours looks gorgeous.

    When my classy housemate lived here we’d have fondues with crudities and fancy meats and stuff to dip into it. Now he’s gone? Bread and melted cheese alone is enough to make me swoon with joy 😀

  5. Beautiful bread! I’m thinking the nursing home ‘room’ mentioned is in order.

    Who would actually buy those cuff links? A trucker??

  6. Lovely bread!! Where might one find those cuff links? They scream white elephant gift for my brother!

  7. I’m agreeing with Amy. I needs me some of those silver ladies cuff links for our white elephant gift exchanges. Those would be a hit!!

    Oh. and the challa.

    so yum.

  8. I am craving bread now. Warm, crusty, just out of the oven bread.

    Craving it.

    Thank you.

  9. I am officially impressed.

  10. Recipe for yummy bread??????? Please???????

  11. I never even thought about the nursing home! Yikes. I better start being nicer. And we are having bread with dinner tonight!

  12. Mmm, the heavenly smell of bread baking…did your neighbors just wander over hypotically drawn to your kitchen?

    Love the cufflinks. Nothin’ screams C-suite more than those babies. I dare you to put the matching mudflaps on the Suburban.

  13. Love me some challah – first experience on a cruise ship during Hanukkah week.

    As for the cuff links – I think the Mr can do better – I vote dark tint on his windows, matching mud-flaps, and under-lighting on that sedan of his.

  14. Your bread looks yum yum!

  15. Carbolicious.
    Looks like spell -check doesn’t recognize that word.
    Too bad.
    Because your bread looks carbolicious.

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