A few thoughts, some meanderings, none of which are related

Sadly, I must report the demise of my cushy little corner office with a view. Okay, so it really wasn’t a corner office, more of a “tucked in the corner” kind of cubicle with padded gray walls and flourescent lighting but it did have a view of the parking deck and was conveniently located halfway between the snack room and the bathroom that was stocked with all sorts of free womanly supplies.

Gotta’ love working for a consumer products/pharmaceutical firm.

My group was scheduled for a move to a different floor and I showed up at the new digs only to find out that I didn’t have a desk that had been assigned and I tried not to feel like a fourth grader that didn’t get picked for kickball by squatting at a desk while they tried to find space for me but that only lasted an hour or so until the rightful owner showed up and made me move to a second desk.  So I unplugged and packed up and headed for that desk only to be asked to move by another person who also got transferred in from somewhere else and had a chart that showed her name on the cube so I gathered my things and headed to a third spot but didn’t even get in the door before someone else whose pay grade was higher than mine showed up and made themselves comfortable.  That was the last straw so I picked up my toys and went home and consoled myself with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, for you curious types.

Speaking later with my boss, he said I should probably work from home next week while they figure out the space thing and that’s fine with me since I had a little convo with my mother-in-law about who is bringing what next week to our family’s Thanksgiving meal and it looks as though I’m going to be assigned the stuffing, the sweet potato casserole, and the yeast rolls so I need some time spent in the kitchen getting those things cooked and ready for transport instead of playing musical chairs at the cube farm.

I had to laugh that my MIL entrusted me all the high calorie items because had they been given to my personal trainer/health nut sister-in-law (and I say that in the most positive and loving way possible), we’d be eating low-fat, low-sugar, whole-grain versions of all of the above and that dog just don’t hunt for the holidays.

Speaking of hunting, I’ve been prowling the Internet for sewing machines (I’m asking for one for Christmas) and I’m overwhelmed by the choices. I know many of you are crafty types and know a lot about machines, so do you have any recommendations on features to look for and/or what to avoid?  Right now I’m leaning toward the Brother CS-6000i.


Have a nice day.

11 responses to “A few thoughts, some meanderings, none of which are related

  1. I’m amused by the sewing machine idea b/c my mom is mad at me (sorta) 😉 for not letting her buy me one for Christmas. But, I have TWO in the house already and one is STILL IN THE BOX. I love that stuff, but I’m rebelling against bifocals so I can’t SEE to sew. I feel so old. 😉

  2. My daughter wants a machine too so I’ll be interested in the comments. Not sure she’s getting one for Christmas as her list is quite, ahem, lengthy, but maybe for her birthday in the spring.

    My sis is in law is a health nut too. No butter in the sweet potatoes or only half the butter or some such ridiculous nonsense. I tell my mom to assign her the green veg and the relish tray instead. Those are things that don’t necessarily require butter.

    I’m cooking for just my own little four this year but my brother is coming the day after with said sister in law so they’ll be here for the left over meal. I told her to bring the wine. : )

  3. CS 6000i sounds like a Doppler radar weather machine. Which probably would suit me just fine as mine has sat unused for…oh…about 7 years. I know it was a brother though…yep!!

  4. Don’t know much about the sewing machines, but I do know what it feels like to be picked last for the 4th grade kickball game. I’m sure when they “find you a place” it will be blogworthy.

  5. My pet peeve (one of many and the list grows with every year I am alive,,,haha) is people who bring dishes to communal eating events (aka Thanksgiving) and bring their healthy eating habits with them. Seriously, who do they think they are? I am also tired of snobbish vegetarians looking down their noses at my food choices. Sometimes, just to be nice and try to relate, I will share a heathy food choice that I have made. More times than not, they will find a way to criticize something. “Well, you know that salad dressing is full of sugar.” All that to say, glad sister-in-law is not bringing what is supposed to be the good stuff! Happy eating!!!

  6. Love you more every day. With that confession, you probably won’t care that I spent the last three days in your state and didn’t tell you ahead of time. I would have, except I was in Asheville with my mom, who is very needy and requires my undivided attention (emotionally, that is, not physically. She’s perfectly normal except she wouldn’t like sharing my attention with anyone else!) and I know you live quite a ways from Asheville. Still that didn’t keep me from thinking occasionally that I should have contacted you and maybe you would have driven down to share a rich dessert at Chelsea’s Tea Room with me. Maybe another time. I did bid you good morning, since we were in the same time zone and all. And the reason I love you is because you gave such an apt name to your crazy work situation – that cubicle thingy. Hope you land somewhere soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I’m a fan of the telecommute! No binder clip wardrobe malfunctions, shoe issues, etc.

    Coffee Heath Bar Crunch = yum!

  8. Sage advice from the professional seamstress I know and love (Cap’n Crunch jacket, need I say more?) would say whichever sewing machine you buy make sure to take a class to learn how to use it…many fabric stores (G-street up here) offer excellent classes that will have you humming away in no time. Often if you buy it from them, the class is included.

  9. I’d like to add another comment to the one left by Momologuer. What kind of work do you want your sewing machine to do? Simple garment making, mending, sewing buttons, etc.? Or do you want (as my favorite son-in-law I’mnotNed would say) to shove a sheep in one end of the machine and have a fully formed wool coat pop out of the other end. This may help in your search. When I was searching for my machine, I thought that only the Rolls Royce versions, (costing way more than I could ever pay) would have the capabilities I wanted. That isn’t the case at all.

  10. I sew a lot, but don’t know a lot about machines. I have a Singer with a bank of fancy stitches. I like the options. When my last machine (also a Singer that was a gift years ago) gave up, I was impatient and rushed to Joann’s to buy another machine. I upgraded with more stitches and an automatic button hole maker (awesome!), but did no research. If I could choose a dream machine I think I’d buy a Bernina – but those are pricey! About a week after I hastily bought my current machine, I was at my favorite quilt store and found out that Bernina has a economy/starter line – Bernette. Had I known that, I probably would have gone that route. Whatever you get, I recommend that your machine have a few fun stitches and an automatic button hole feature. My machine has an automatic needle threader, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to use it even though the lady showed me three times. It’s just easier to put the thread through the eye myself! I am going to be working on some fun, easy tutorials for you. Get ready!

  11. For a small point in time, at an old job, my desk had wheels on it. I didn’t work every day, so every now and again, I would come in to find it relocated. Once, just sitting in the hall, once in the Chicken Soup Room (which is really the nurse’s office at the preschool).
    All this to say, I feel your pain, sis.

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