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Today’s the last day of school for the year for the boys and you’d think I’d have  a list a mile long of things to accomplish before picking them up but instead I’m home, enjoying the last two hours of quiet I’m going to have for a month.

I’ve got a few fun activities planned while we’re on break.  We’ll put up the tree and decorate for Christmas this weekend and next week we’ll do some crafty projects to get ready for the holidays.  The boys have been wanting an Advent calendar and I think we’re going to make this one because it has lots of hiding space for candy and I need to stash the contents of a Dove chocolate miniatures bag whose siren song bids me come and feast.

We may make a trip or two out of town.  The boys want to go to NYC to see the world’s largest Toys R Us store Statue of Liberty and if Mr. CPQ’s schedule allows, we’ll violate the “no trips north during winter” rule and head up there for a day or two.  I also want to pop over to Salisbury to visit the Transportation Museum and let the boys take a Santa train ride.

Mainly, I’m looking forward to easy mornings, sleeping in, having a pajama day or two, hot cocoa, forts in the living room, and other than a few Christmas parties, an intentionally empty calendar.  Mr. CPQ has been doing a lot of travel, more so than usual, so we’re planning on staying put for Christmas and I couldn’t be happier.

And with that, blogging time is up for the day.  I’m off to Michael’s to pick up a few craft supplies for next week’s projects and then it’ll be time to collect my charges and take them for a celebratory track out lunch at ChickFilA.

Move over, chocolate.  There’s a peppermint milkshake calling my name.

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “Insert Title Here

  1. Yumm…Now I want a peppermint milkshake… Hmmm…It’s 9:45 am. Do ya think it’s too early?

  2. Sounds like a wonderful month! Never had a peppermint milkshake, but it’s actually on our “December list” with the Lords tomorrow night. Can you believe I put THAT on the calendar. Good Grief! 🙂

  3. does chick-fil-a have peppermint milkshakes? we finally got a chick-fil-a here. I must put that on my Christmas-break-keep-everyone-sane-to-do-list!

  4. I think I want my children in year-round school. I love that you’re out for break already! Enjoy it. Sounds like that’s your plan.

  5. I went to the Chick drive thru in Burlington Tue. night after I had closed down the stores there (on my way home from the mountains) & had myself all “prepped” for that delicious peppermint milkshake… It was 10:07 & they closed @ 10:00PM!!! What a disappointment! Almost as bad as the disappointment of arriving @ Hobby Lobby at 7:55 PM thinking I had an hour to shop, only to find out that they close @ 8 PM!!! Boy, did I grab my wrapping paper fast!

  6. I got hugs from all 3 of your boys this AM!!! I feel so honored!

  7. Let me know if you make plans to come North. We are traveling some over the holidays but if I’m here I’d love to meet you in person. Enjoy all the Christmas decorating fun with your boys!

  8. Peppermint milkshakes rock!

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