Monday Musings

We had a fun weekend.  Friday night Mr. CPQ and I went out to dinner while the boys hung out with their friends at our school’s babysitting night which raises funds for the 5th grade end of year trip. We ate at Chow and I had the pimento cheese burger because somewhere there’s a cardiologist with medical school loans to pay off.  Then we went to Kroger and wandered the aisles because someone didn’t think I had the right kind of food in the house which when we got to checkout, the right food turned out to be eggnog and Spam.

Saturday morning we rediscovered the front porch and sidewalk after raking jillions of leaves and just as we were finishing up our chores, it started to snow. The weatherman said we wouldn’t have any accumulation, but we ended up with about an inch which was enough to for a little snowball throwing and some miniature snowman building.

I’m glad I took these pictures since snowmen-eating zombies disguised as JJ and Tommy came stomping across the deck mere seconds later, smashing their creations to smithereens.

The snow was still on the ground Sunday as we made our drive to church where my Sunday School teacher got all up in my business with his lesson on repentance and it just didn’t seem right to stick my fingers in my ears and say “La la la, I can’t hear you” so I was forced to sit there and be smacked repeatedly between the eyes with a two by four.

Fun times.

Hi, Steve.

Love ya’.

Mean it.

Then Sunday afternoon we went and looked at model homes because I’m a we are gypsies at heart and can’t stay settled and after talking eighteen ways around the pros and cons, I think I’m finally getting Mr. CPQ a little closer to sticking the “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard and moving on to our next adventure.

We’ve only lived at three addresses in the ten years we’ve been here.


And then we came home and hauled down decorations from the attic and started red and greening up the place.  I bought little pre-lit trees on clearance last year for the boys’ rooms and they were really excited to have them as nightlights but once I turned off the overhead lights, their rooms were still lit up like Christmas and a few certain someones read by the light of the tree until midnight when I went in and shut the party dowm.

I’m clearly going to have to rethink this strategy.

Our big tree is celebrating its last season with us.  We bought it years ago and half the lights are burned out and the entire mid-section is dark so we’re headed to the store to get a few strands of lights to fill in the gaps so we can put the ornaments on and call it a day.

It’s starting to feel festive around the house.

Must be the eggnog.

Have a nice day.

7 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. I would totally mock your tiny snowmen if it weren’t for the fact that you’ve had the same amount of snow as we’ve had this season. Seriously.

    Now pass the eggnog. I need some festivity.

  2. I just told my husband a few weeks ago that I don’t understand those people that change houses every few years … and now I find out you are one of those people! : ) Now, granted, I’m thoroughly enjoying our house-hunt now, but I’m hoping we stay good and put after we find something!

  3. We are gypsies too – we’ve had 6 addresses in the 10 years we’ve been married!

  4. In case he might miss it…. I just read “the portion” of this blog to your SS teacher. Anything he teaches, he is also learning himself, so the smacking was going both ways, I’m sure. I love it/hate it when I am convicted (by the Holy Spirit), often week after week. I love it because I KNOW I need to make those changes; I hate it because it means I HAVE to make those changes (& it’s hard!) But I wouldn’t like it if I wasn’t being challenged.

  5. If it makes you feel any better I indulged in the Triple B burger over the weekend. Maybe we can get a 2 fer 1 deal with the cardiologist. 🙂

  6. Enjoy vacation…craft projects rock, too. We made a gingerbread house kit (I love anything that says “kit”) in under 30 minutes on Saturday…it looked like a Norman Rockwell scene on one side but a tornado-ravaged home on the other…it collapsed within minutes because I only alotted a few minutes for constructing and decorating it in our day and the recipe called for “wait 1-2 hours”! Seriously!? 5 year olds don’t wait 1-2 hours when there is candy involved.

  7. Two words for the Christmas trees (okay, maybe three. How do you count hyphenation?) Plug-in dimmer. We get ours from Ikea, but they are probably available at hardware stores or maybe even Walmart. Plug the dimmer in the outlet, plug the tree in the dimmer, and you can have the gently-lit Christmas glow you were looking for or turn it up bright. Hubs and I used them on trees in place of our bedside lamps, then decided we loved them and use them on the lamps themselves.

    And I de-lurked for that!

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